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LeBron James Rumors: Did an Akron Journalist Find the LBJ Leak?

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LeBron James Rumors: Did an Akron Journalist Find the LBJ Leak?
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Tomorrow night ends what has been a year of speculation surrounding LeBron James’s new home for basketball.

So far, the courtship has been relatively quiet and subdued when compared to the documentary cameras following Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

With that said the bloggers, Tweeters, journalists and seemingly everyone but grandma have had their “sources” and thoughts about where James is definitely going. My bet is 99.9 percent of those are false rumors and faulty sources.

The most interesting piece of evidence for LBJ’s destination came out today from Eric Mansfield , a news anchor for WKYC-TV in Cleveland.

Mansfield did some good digging for a scoop and may have struck gold while digging through the Summit County tax records.

What he found, doesn’t necessarily point to LeBron’s new basketball destination, but at least his new CPA’s (Certified Public Accountant) destination—which is Chicago.

LeBron’s Akron home at 4157 Idlebrook has been under his name since 2003 according to documents and tax paperwork, for 2003 and 2004, had been sent directly to the superstar.

To view full story and screenshots of the public record documents, please visit my blog, the Burnes Blog .

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