If Lebron Doesn't Elevate His Game It Will Not Matter Where He Ends Up.

Tommy RossCorrespondent IJuly 7, 2010

Do I speak for everyone when it comes to the whereabouts of Lebron James when I say who cares? How longer are we going held captive by the media pumping this nonsense through our flat screens and radios?
 This whole situation stinks to high heaven in the first place. Since when is it cool to even consider leaving a team that can boast the best record in the league two years in a row. Do you guys even know how arrogant of a move that will be?
 He is basically saying its the team's fault for their down falls and he can do better. When in all actuality their down falls lie soley on his shoulders and how Cleveland molded their game around Lebron and his stats.
 Even if Lebron joins Wade and Bosh in Miami, there's no guarantee that there will automatically up root the Lakers. To win it all on the biggest stage it takes a cohesive unit, a unit that mans up and takes responsibilty for their actions, a unit absent of egos.
 Lebron will never be able to work with Wade simply because it will be Wade's team, and rightfully so he's the champion with the Finals MVP ( you know the MVP that counts) not Lebron.
 Lebron's numbers will go down because he will not be able to dominate the ball like he normally does and contention will arise.
 Doesn't matter where he lands now the wool from America's eyes has been pulled back and we see Lebron for what he really is an Ego Maniac.
 Instead of re-evaluating his play and what he can do to pull the team over the hump, he has his team holding its breathe while he sits back with is croonies listening to Jay-Z. Not Cool.
 Forget planning a press conference to announce what team he is choosing to impose his will on. He should be holding a press conference for the Cleveland fans. Promising them to work more diligently on his jumpshot.
 Promising them that he will put his height and weight to better use and post up more. Promising them of instead of always having to be the one making the assist, he will start making the pass that leads to the assist so the ball stays in rotation.
 Thats what he needs to do. It is very easy to stop a offense when you know a pick and roll is coming, the ball isn't going to swing to the weak side, and the ball handler can't beat you with his jumpshot.
When the the majority of the time the passes are coming from one person its easier shut down that offense.
Thats what makes the triangle so special, yeah it hurts Kobe stats but its unpredicatable every one is moving, everyone is passing, and the guys that are supposed to post- up make the opposing team work because they post-up every time down court.
If Lebron keeps playing for stats he will sadly be left out roundtable discusions just as his older contemporary Oscar Robertson. He will be reduced to nothing but his stats and no matter how great they are, they dont amount to much without harware to back them up.
Personally I don't care where Lebron goes. however I think he will be making the biggest mistake of his career if he leaves Cleaveland.
There is not a fan base in all of basketball as loyal as Cleveland. On top of that he will be leaving a team that has all the parts to make a championship run. All they need is less highlight and more fundamentally sound ball from their leader. P.S. pounding the ball down low to Shaq will not hurt either. Just ask Kobe.