LeBron James: Worst Thing For Cleveland Since "The Mistake on The Lake"

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LeBron James: Worst Thing For Cleveland Since
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As a Pittsburgh native who has lived in Cincinnati for over a decade, it's hard to get behind any sports team or figure in Cleveland.

I openly detest both the Browns and Cleveland Indians, and up until last year, I hated the Cavaliers too.

Since I'm originally from Pittsburgh, where there's no baseball team (the Pirates don't really count as a professional team), I declared myself a Reds fan.

Then I decided that since neither Pittsburgh or Cincinnati have NBA teams, I might as well check out the Cavs.

I was wary about following a team with a guy who calls himself "The King" and essentially drove a Browns player out of town (Braylon Edwards).

Then I started to watch the games and my opinion changed rather quickly.

I marveled at how quickly LeBron moved up and down the court. Players would go for a breakaway layup only to have LeBron appear as if by magic and block the shot.

I realized he dominated the court just as he dominated the city of Cleveland.

Maybe, just maybe he was "The King".

I got behind him when he said he wasn't worried about losing to the Celtics and thought he might lead the team to another NBA Final.

But alas, he couldn't play consistently and in game five he shot a dismal 3 for 14.

That should have been my first red flag.

I was glad that there was lots of news about where he was going in free agency because it became the focus of ESPN broadcasts instead of the "Big" mistake that was made by my NFL team's quarterback down in Georgia this offseason.

Over the past few weeks I had grown wary of all the speculation on where he was going and how my Reds were getting snubbed by all the media, despite holding down first place.

Then came the most ludicrous headline I had seen since Anthony Smith predicted the Steelers would crush the Patriots during their undefeated streak a few years back.

LeBron declared he would hold an hour-long special in which he would declare his intent to either stay with Cleveland or sign with another team.

You're kidding me, right?

The real "King" of the NBA, Michael Jordan, merely said two words when he returned to the NBA, "I'm back".

In an age of Tweeting and many other electronic sources of information, it goes beyond narcissism to hold an entire hour-long special to declare where he's going.

The guy's been to ONE NBA finals and has yet to bring home a championship to Cleveland.

Kobe doesn't pull stunts like this and the guy has brought numerous championships back to L.A.

Heck, he even lives in L.A. which is arguably the most narcissistic, flashy city in the country.

Yet LeBron feels as if he deserves an hour-long special to declare where he's going.

Gimmie a break.

If I were a hardcore Cavs fan, I'd pray LeBron doesn't stay. You guys deserve someone who can back up his words with results.

The city desperately needs a championship and with the way the Browns play, the Cavaliers have the best shot at winning one.

What the city doesn't need is some Kobe wannabe who just can't get the job done having an hour special to (probably) say he's leaving town and going someplace where he has a better shot at winning.

If LeBron does announce he's living, my advice to Cavs fans is to say "good riddance".

I'd rather have quiet players who bring results than a guy who thinks he's better than he is disappointing you year after year.

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