Toronto Raptors Fans: Is There a Light At the End of the Tunnel?

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Toronto Raptors Fans: Is There a Light At the End of the Tunnel?
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As a die-hard Raptor fan since day one, today is a very depressing day, despite the spin a few have tried to put on Chris Bosh going to Miami.

It started with Damon Stoudemire, then Tracy McGrady, on to Vince Carter, and now Chris Bosh.

All of the stars we produce end up leaving. Each time they do, we either get nothing in return or next to nothing (thanks Mr. Babcock!).

Now we are left with a few good pieces (Demar DeRozan, Jarrett Jack, Sonny Weems, Davis, Amir Johnson, Andrea Bargnani maybe), some bad contracts (some may say Amir—but I'm thinking Hedo Turkoglu and Jose Calderon), and a franchise with absolutely no direction and no light at the end of the tunnel.

There is nothing to look forward to for Toronto fans.

Yes, we have cap space. However, cap space is completely useless if there isn't a star player willing to gobble it up.

And let me be clear: the NBA is a league where you need superstars in order to win.

The last team to win without a superstar was the Detroit Pistons. However, they had a squad of excellent players. Superstars? No. But a team of Ben and Rasheed Wallace, Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, and Chauncey Billups is a rarity.

So I ask you, loyal Raps fans: Where is the light at the end of this long, dark tunnel?

Fire Colangelo? What will that accomplish?

Fire Triano? He can't turn water into wine.

Fire the players? Apparently if Turk is coming back they won't kick anyone to the curb no matter what.

Move to Miami? Hmm.

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