Bosh And Wade Meet Together With Bulls at The United Center

Coach NickContributor IIJuly 3, 2010

More details have flooded in regarding the Bulls dealings with both Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Standing outside the United Center, we saw Wade arrive around 5 PM for his scheduled meeting and Chris Bosh arrive at 6:30. There was an overlap of about 45 minutes, plenty of time for the Bulls to put them together and get excited about the possibilities.

As it stands now, the Bulls cannot sign both players to max contracts. The Bulls would need to move someone - and Luol Deng fits the bill perfectly. He is certainly expendable with a starting lineup of Rose, Wade, Bosh, Gibson, and Noah. In fact, they'd still have enough room to sign a decent veteran to the midlevel exception. 

After looking at Miami's prospects, Wade has gotten cold feet, since there's not much to offer if the Heat can't sign Wade, LeBron, and Bosh. Michael Beasley and Mario Chalmers don't exactly strike fear into the hearts of Eastern Conference teams. So it's a natural fit for Wade to return to his hometown Chicago and play for the team he idolized growing up.

So it comes down to Chicago management and how well they can play this. Clearly, they are the front runner to get two of the big three. Before today, the big three to Miami was a big part of the equation, as evidenced by Bosh's post of this picture and caption: "It Feels Like Someone Is Missing." The Bulls biggest problem is finding someone to take on Luol Deng's contract, with 5 years at $10 million each. While Deng is a proven commodity, it's not clear anyone is in enough need of a player who averaged 18/7. But more importantly, which team out there would be prepared to effectively hand the Bulls a championship? Memphis already gave the Lakers their 2 rings when they gave away Pau Gasol and got nothing in return.

The ramifications go beyond just the Bulls. If Wade and Bosh sign in Chicago, it forces LeBron to return to Cleveland. ESPN reports James has always wanted to play for an ex-player (which is kinda like saying: "I always wanted a car with a blue interior"), and Byron Scott certainly fits the bill, even with his below .500 coaching record. That guarantees that the Cavs will move Mo Williams. Before this process started, LeBron demanded a new coach and a new point guard - with the Cavs already making good on the coaching change. Unfortunately for the Cavs, Delonte West would've fit in perfectly as the starting point guard if he didn't have trouble with guns, his mental state, and dating LeBron's mother (they're both adults, right??). 

Bosh just tweeted: "I'm done with my visits ... For now at least. I need some rest." Wade was quoted as saying: "It's going to take the weekend for everyone to think about what they want to do. This is not an easy decision to make and everyone thinks it is." And LeBron wants to wrap all this up by Tuesday before his camp begins. By Monday, most of this dust will settle, and the rest of the league will be vying for the scraps. So stay tuned as this weekend will go down in sports history books. 

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