LeBron Could Go Anywhere, But Is Miami a Dark Horse?

Hayden KimCorrespondent IIIJune 29, 2010

Everyone has heard crazy rumors about LeBron going to South Beach Miami, Chicago, and even the Big Apple of New York.

ESPN Analyst Chris Broussard reported that LeBron, Wade, and Bosh all met with Miami General Manager, Pat Riley and discussed their possible future in South Beach.

Now Miami has a couple of advantages over Chicago and New York. They are projected to have a $44 Million Salary Cap heading into July 1st. Chicago is projected to have $30 Million and New York is projected to have $35 Million.

Now, just because Miami has the highest projected amount of Salary Cap Space, does not mean they are going to get LeBron. Any one of those teams could get LeBron, it all depends on where he wants to go.

It seems as though LeBron is leaning towards to teams right now. Chicago and Miami. There have been multiple reports from ESPN saying that, "It is a done deal." On the other hand, Stephon A. Smith just recently reported that LeBron is headed for warm weather in Miami.

Lets go over the possibilities these two teams could acquire.

Chicago Bulls

This is the obvious choice for two reasons. There is a guy named Derrick Rose on the team and Chicago has all the tools to win a championship with LeBron. This team has already made the playoffs consistently for the last couple of years.

Their current starting lineup is: Derrick Rose at PG, Luol Deng at G, Taj Gibson at F, Joachim Noah at C, and a question mark currently.

There is one spot open and LeBron woul be the perfect fit for this team. Derrick Rose is a player that can create his own shot and can create havoc in the paint for opposing teams. Rose as everyone knows, is a very good distributor too.

Because of Rose and the supporting cast of Deng and Noah, this team could easily be a serious contender next year with the King.

Miami Heat

This team is a possible dark horse that most people did not expect. Wade and LeBron could either be another dynamic duo, or they could be another disaster. Don't forget that there are other players that could come to this team come July 1st. Players such as Bosh and Amare.

If the Miami Heat can get Wade, LeBron and one of the two of Bosh or Amare, with this team you never know. The only aspect they are missing is a solid point guard, which they can find also after July 1st.

The only player that might suffer from this deal is Michael Beasley, though he is a very talented forward, they cannot afford such an expensive "work in progress."

So as you can tell, it is going to be very interesting where LeBron could go. Chicago has one advantage over Miami, they are defensive minded and e all know that the King loves defense, this may as well be a deciding factor for LeBron. Both Miami and Chicago will do anything to get LeBron come July 1st, but where will the King's new throne be?

Only time will tell.