If The Bulls Want LeBron, Bosh Is Not An Option

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If The Bulls Want LeBron, Bosh Is Not An Option
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Chris Bosh wants to be on a championship team. He also wants to be the premier player that leads the team to the championship. However, there is one exception that will satisfy him if he does not get his wishes. He wants to be the King's sidekick. The latest rumors say that Bosh is going to try to follow LeBron wherever he may go. This is probably a good idea if he wants to guarantee that he does win at least one championship during his playing career.

LeBron has been the talk of the NBA for the past 3 months. Will he leave Cleveland? Where would he go if he does? What will he make his decision based upon? What we do know is that teams are interested. Ohhhhh they are interested alright! Teams are finalizing their plans on how to lure a basketball and marketing machine to thier team. The teams that have made it known that they are going full force at LeBron are the Cavaliers, Clippers, Knicks, and Bulls. The only team other than those 4 that has enough money to go for LeBron are the Heat.

The Bulls want LeBron. The 6 championships won in the 90's have given Bulls fans the idea that they are a winning franchise, and will always be winners (unlike one Chicago sports franchise). They have a better core than the other teams in the running. Their new head coach (Tom Thibodeau) has the same agency representing him as LeBron. That may be influenced by World Wide Wes, who wants LeBron to go to the Bulls (or so we think). Thibodeau is also a defensive-minded coach, which is something LBJ emphasizes in his game.

I believe that if LeBron decides that what is most important to him is winning champioships, then the Bulls are a no brainer (that is if the Lakers don't try to do a sign and trade to create an ultra-dyansty). The only thing seeming to be holding him back is his love for his Ohio roots.

If the Bulls do, in fact, get him. Bosh is going to come along, and ask the Bulls to give him a max contract. Now, I just don't see why they would bother to pay him a dime. LeBron would be only the 6th player signed to their roster. If they give another max contract out, there is less than 3 million to pay 5 more players. Luol Deng would be making 13 million a year to ride the bench. Also, Derrick Rose is the only guard on the roster after Hinrich is dealt to Washington for cap space. If Bosh is given a max contract, the second shortest player on the team would br 6 foot 8. They need to use their second max contract to sign a 2 guard. With all of the top tier players in free agnecy this year, only one guard deseves even close to max money (Joe Johnson). JJ would play the 2, LeBron would get the three, and Deng would be converted to a full time power forward since James Johnson would be backing up the chosen one. Basically, if Bosh wants to play next to LeBron for the next 5 years, it can only happen in New York.

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