2010 NBA Draft Recap: Brief Analysis and Grades for Every Team

AJ BradyContributor IIIJune 25, 2010

NEW YORK - JUNE 24:  John Wall of Kentucky stands with NBA Commisioner David Stern after being drafted with the first pick by the Washington Wizards at Madison Square Garden on June 24, 2010 in New York City.  NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)
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Here are my brief thoughts and grades for each team from the draft last night. I know a fair amount from following the process, but I didn't watch too many NCAA men's games this year, so feel free to comment if you disagree.

(In reverse alphabetical order, just to be a non-conformist).

Washington Wizards:

Their later selections were so-so, but they did what they were supposed to and got John Wall. They also made a good trade with Chicago, bringing in Kirk Hinrich and the 17th pick. Grade: A

Utah Jazz:

A white guy who is under 6'10" and shot 29 percent from three? I was overjoyed that the Jazz picked Gordon Hayward. Grade: D-

Toronto Raptors:

Ed Davis was a very good pick when he fell to Toronto. Is it a sign that Bosh is leaving? Grade: A-

San Antonio Spurs :

The Spurs always draft good players, and James Anderson should be able to help them. Grade: A-

Sacramento Kings:

Quite possibly the biggest winner last night. Adding DeMarcus Cousins and Hassan Whiteside makes them perhaps the deepest team at the big positions and potentially a threat in the West. Grade: A+

Portland Trail Blazers:

The worst move of the night came when GM Kevin Pritchard was fired. They added a shooter in Luke Babbitt, but it's hard to see where Ryan Gomes, Armon Johnson, and Elliot Williams fit though. Grade: C (without factoring in the Pritchard firing).

Phoenix Suns:

Gani Lawal was a pretty good second round pick. Not a replacement for Amare Stoudemire, but mabye a backup for his replacement. No first round picks for them. Grade: C

Philadelphia 76ers:

They might have liked to get rid of Elton Brand's contract, but they did the right thing and picked up Evan Turner, an instant starter. Grade: A

Orlando Magic:

Dwight Howard, Marcin Gortat, and now Daniel Orton. Orton may or may not develop into a good NBA player, but at least the Magic won't have to worry about big-man depth for awhile. Could that pick be a prelude to a Gortat trade? Grade: B-

Oklahoma City Thunder:

The Thunder seem to have taken the Blazers place as draft day geniuses. They're also quite adept at using their cap-space in trades. Cole Aldrich is a solid addition and they got another first round pick from LAC. Grade: A+

New York Knicks:

What kind of players do the Knicks already have? Wings. What kind of players are they looking at in free agency? Wings. What players did they draft? Wings.  New York also failed to get into the first round. Grade: F

New Orleans Hornets:

As demonstrated by their trade with the Thunder, saving money continues to be the priority here. Quincy Pondexter was a good pick because of their need at SF, but the jury is out on Craig Brackins, who plays the same position as David West. Grade: C-

New Jersey Nets:

Derrick Favors has huge upside and was the right pick at No. 3. Damion James can contribute right away. A good night for New Jersey, and they will be interesting to watch. Grade: A

Minnesota Timberwolves:

Hard to sort out all of their draft picks. They addressed their wing issues, Wesley Johnson appears solid, and Martell Webster could thrive with more playing time. Grade: B-

Milwaukie Bucks:

Added depth to a surprisingly good team. Larry Sanders may have been a reach, but we'll see. Grade: B-

Miami Heat:

They did what they wanted and got out of the first round, and got rid of salary. They got a lot of second round picks, but it's all about free agency for them. Grade: Incomplete

Memphis Grizzlies:

Got a good shooter and potential Gay replacement in Xavier Henry. Then sold their next pick to division rival Dallas Mavericks. How helpful. Grade: C

Los Angeles Lakers:

Their second round picks, Devin Ebanks and Derrick Caracter, appear solid, but they still need to address the point guard issue. Grade: C

Los Angeles Clippers:

Surprisingly enough, it doesn't look like they messed things up. Aminu, Bledsoe, and Warren look like good pickups on a potentially rising team. Grade: A

Indiana Pacers:

They needed to trade for a point guard or grab a power forward. Instead they draft... another small forward, because Danny Granger needed another backup. On the upside, a scout did say Paul George would be the best player from this draft, in five years. Grade: D

Houston Rockets:

I expected some exciting trades from them last night. How disappointing. Patrick Patterson will be a good role player for years, in all likelihood. Grade: B

Golden State Warriors:

Looks like the Warriors are jettisoning some bad salaries and looking to build around Stephen Curry. It will be interesting to see what they do with the defensive-minded Ekpe Udoh. Grade: B

Detroit Pistons:

Greg Monroe was probably the right pick, but he doesn't fill their need of a good post-up/defensive big. It will be interesting to see who they trade this summer. Grade B-

Denver Nuggets:

They didn't have any picks and couldn't acquire any. Grade: Absent

Dallas Mavericks:

Mark Cuban dug in his couches and found the money to buy the rights to Dominique Jones, a decent prospect. They should've held on to Solomon Alabi, a steal at the center position in the second round. Grade: B+

Cleveland Cavs:

They couldn't acquire a pick because they were down on their knees praying LeBron returns. Grade: Absent

Chicago Bulls:

They added cap-space by trading Kirk Hinrich and the 17th pick, and they join Ben Gordon, John Salmons, and Tyrus Thomas as players sacrificed for cap room recently. We'll see if it's worth it. Grade: Incomplete

Charlotte Bobcats:

Nothing to see here. Now we begin to see the real reason I did reverse alphabetical order. Grade: Incomplete

Boston Celtics:

Avery Bradley was a good pick for the Celtics. Not good for Nate Robinson. Grade: B+

Atlanta Hawks:

The most interesting thing about acquiring Jordan Crawford is that they now have two J. Crawford's and two J. Smith's. Does this pick indicate Joe Johnson is leaving? I would've thought they would've picked up a big man. Grade: C


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