2010 NBA Draft Results: Grading The Top Five Lottery Teams' Draft Selections

Brandon RibakSenior Writer IJune 25, 2010

While the 2010 NBA Draft certainly wasn't one for the record books, I enjoyed watching the first 15 overall picks before I slowly began to fall asleep. (Maybe because after that David Stern's voice began to agitate me or because Chad Ford's twitter updates were filling up my entire blackberry e-mail inbox).

Regardless, there were teams that impressed and others that made you just shake your head in complete disbelief .

Below, I break down the top five lottery teams in the draft and grade the selections that they made based upon team needs, player potential, and whether or not the player will fit into their system.

Grading the Top Five Lottery Teams and their Draft Selections

1. Washington Wizards

Draft Selection: John Wall- PG

Analysis: Wall is as explosive as they come and, according to Jay Bilas, he is one of the fastest players to ever come out of college. 

J-Wall has tremendous control of the basketball with exceptional court vision. He has the ability to finish around the rim and has great hops as well.

Wall needs to work on his mid-range and long-range shooting, something that could be improved upon during this offseason.

Playing alongside Gilbert Arenas (if he doesn't get shipped out), Wall and Agent Zero could most definitely make a scary duo in the backcourt for years to come.

Grade: A+

2. Philadelphia 76ers

Draft Selection: Evan Turner- G/F

Analysis: Turner reminds me of a Brandon Roy type of player. Although he stands 6'7", the former Ohio State Buckeye has incredible handles and vision on the floor, making him versatile enough to play three positions on the NBA court.

Turner has the mid-range game on lock and is a pure-bred winner that puts in 110 percent effort during each and every contest.

The Chicago native needs to work on limiting his turnovers (averaged 4.4 TO per game last season as a result of being forced to do everything for his team) and learning how to shoot the trey ball.

While Turner will definitely excel in the NBA, questions arise on whether or not he can play his game alongside of teammate Andre Iguodala, who has a very similar game to Turner.

Grade: A

3. New Jersey Nets

Draft Selection: Derrick Favors- PF

Analysis: Favors is super athletic with extra-terrestrial leaping abilities. He is an absolute monster around the rim and can finish strong with the best of them in the league.

Standing 6'10" and weighing 245 lbs, Favors needs to add some more size to his frame and needs to be more assertive on the offensive end in the NBA.

While Favors is only 18 years of age and has immense upside, I strongly believe that Wesley Johnson would have been a better fit for the Nets.

There are many more big men in the free-agent market than small forwards, and if New Jersey cannot land a player such as Rudy Gay, they will be forced to start Terrence Williams at the three spot (sophomore) and Favors at the power forward position (rookie).

Grade: B 

4. Minnesota Timberwolves

Draft Selection: Wesley Johnson- SF

Analysis: Johnson is an athletic small forward that can light up the stat sheet in every statistical category.

He has well over a seven-foot wingspan and has the shooting game on lock. Wes can dribble the ball exceptionally well, and has underrated court vision that could certainly be used to his advantage.

At 6'7", Johnson must bulk up if he wants to truly dominate the small forward position.

Teaming up with Al Jefferson, Kevin Love, and Jonny Flynn, Wes should be able to gel in rather well with his squad.

Grade: A

5. Sacramento Kings

Draft Selection: DeMarcus Cousins- C

Many speculated that Cousins was a problem off the court with a know-it-all mentality.

Cousins' former head-coach John Calipari silenced those accusations last night when he stated in a brief interview that it wasn't Cousins with the issues during the season, but in fact Calipari himself.

Regardless of the matter, DeMarcus is an incredible basketball player with a very high ceiling.

Weighing close to 300 lbs, the big fella will quickly learn that he can dominate in the paint on the offensive and defensive ends of the floor.

Cousins is very coordinated for such a big specimen and should be able to find his way into Sacramento's starting line-up in no time.

Grade: A+

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