Is The Zen Master Really Giving Up His Zenful Teaching Days?

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Is The Zen Master Really Giving Up His Zenful Teaching Days?
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And the Lakers win yet another title under Phil Jackson.

It's really starting to become old news.

Kobe wins the Finals MVP, Phil wins another title, Fisher has another clutch performance, and Los Angeles has basically had their annual parade, after winning their 16th title.

When it is all said and done, Phil always comes through in the clutch. After all, the Lakers are now 28-0 under Phil when up 1-0 in a series.

It seems like we all take it for granted having the "Zen Master" as our coach. It's as though Phil never does anything but sit on the bench and call timeouts. Basically, we forget how good Phil really is.

This is the biggest problem Laker Fans will have, is if Phil Jackson really decides to retire for good.

If Phil decides to finally retire, us Laker Fans will simply believe that we can still win as long as we have a man in a suit sitting on the sidelines calling out plays, probably ones that Kobe has already picked out.

Phil Jackson is arguably the greatest coach of all time, and somehow he is still overlooked by many, due to his dull personality.

Think of some of the greatest coaches of all time: Coach Auerbach, Coach Riley, Coach Daly, Coach Nelson, etc. All of these coaches are remembered not only for their winning percentage and number of titles, but they are remembered for the way they coached.

Now I'm not the guy you want to talk to when it comes to old time coaches but I can tell you that Auerbach was known for his mean and feisty personality, Riley was known for his deep passion for the game, Daly was known to be a tough but very knowledgeable man, and Nelson was known for his short temper tantrums he would have throughout the game, and was even known to purposely get kicked out of the game to fire up his own team.

But what about Coach Jackson?

What is he known for?

What is he going to be remembered for?

Phil will undoubtedly be remembered for his ability to coach arguably the two greatest shooting guards of all time and he will obviously be remembered for the number of championships he has won (11).

The problem is, that most people still forget about him even after he wins yet another title. I don't blame those people though because honestly, Phil never shows any type of emotion or personality throughout any game. He just calmly sits on the bench and acts like he's about to fall asleep.

Here's my point though: Though some people might overlook Phil as a coach, he is the greatest coach of all time and if he leaves the Lakers will struggle to win another title, not because they lack a good team, but because they lack a great coach such as Phil.

Like ESPN Sports Radio Host Steve Tannen put, "Laker fans better hope that Phil's doctor is a Laker fan."

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