Breaking News: LeBron James Will Not Be Returning To The Cavs

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Breaking News: LeBron James Will Not Be Returning To The Cavs
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It's official, well according to Jalen Rose, LeBron James will not be returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers. On Jalen Rose's twitter he said, "#NBA BREAKING NEWS (research/sources say) It is almost CERTAIN that LEBRON JAMES WILL NOT be returning to the CAVS! (Bulls/Heat/Clips)."

Now why should we believe Jalen Rose on this account?

Well, one thing is that Jalen and LeBron are both very close friends with NBA mastermind William Wesley. Rose is also a very active person in the NBA and close with many inside sources.

One thing that might be something strange about this whole story is that the three teams mentioned that might get LeBron are the Bulls, Heat, and the Clippers. Now I know that the Bulls and Clippers were very active in pursuing LeBron, but the Heat was a team that was not as active as the Knicks and the Nets.

Now why would the Heat want to sign LeBron?

They already have Dwayne Wade running the show down there and I am almost certain he doesn't want to be the sidekick to LeBron James. I really do not believe Wade would handle that as well as if the Heat get a big man like Stoudemire or Chris Bosh.

And what happened to the Knicks?

I think that the sources that told Rose were probably thinking that the Knicks will not do as much as the Bulls and other teams to get LeBron James. That might be the same with the Nets as well because they will be spending quite a lot on their next pick in Derrick Favors or DeMarcus Cousins or even Wesley Johnson.

After reading this, I saw a few hours later that Jalen Rose tweeted again, "#NBA as of 2day the Bulls have the best chance of landing LBJ...Miami would need to make more roster moves...Clips have a punchers chance!"

Now as a Bulls fan I was pretty excited, but than thought about how other people said the same thing earlier and changed it to LeBron going to New York or staying home in Cleveland. But, the Bulls do have the most to offer than all the other teams: playing in the United Center where Michael Jordan played, a great roster, a great new coach hired, and the fame of playing in one of the biggest basketball towns.

I guess for now every Bulls fan will be living the dream of hearing about LeBron James coming to Chicago, but with all the rumors spreading around I think that this dream will have to wait until July 8th, the day the King will decide where his next kingdom will be. 


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