Allen Iverson Is The "Answer" For The Miami Heat

Jake TannerContributor IJune 23, 2010

We are about a week away from the most important free agency class in the history of the NBA. With this free agency class, there are many questions that nobody knows the answer to:

Where will LeBron go? Where will Dwyane Wade go? What about Chris Bosh? Is Dirk staying in Dallas? How about Joe Johnson? Will Bosh join D-Wade or LeBron? Is LeBron going to Chicago or New York? What if he stays in Cleveland? Who will the Heat go after to keep Wade?

There are many many questions with no certain answer, anything can happened. But for the Miami Heat the answer is the "Answer" Allen Iverson.

Iverson, who announced he is returning next season, is going to come back hungry and ready to prove the world wrong. He is working out and preparing himself harder then he ever has so he can show the world he is still one of the elite players in the league.

Iverson will be a free agent, and even if Philadelphia offers him a contract, there is a high chance he will turn it down because Michael Curry, the man who coached the Pistons when Iverson was traded there, is now an assistant coach for the Sixers.

Iverson doesn't like Curry, he almost lost his career because of this man and was lied to to in Detroit about coming off the bench. Curry told Iverson he would never disrespect his career by bringing him off the bench but then a week later he did it, and said if Allen didn't agree to do it the team would lie down on him (not play with him).

So don't count on Iverson resigning with the Sixers. 

Teams were afraid to sign him last off season and this season he will probably have a hard time finding a team as well, as he is 35-years old, has drinking and gambling problems and many other personal issues.

But what GM's and Coaches don't realize is that Iverson has been sort of held back the past year and a half by the organizations he has been in, he can still play and help a team do some big things. Iverson is viewed as a risk to sign but he is very cheap, he will be worth the veterans minimum even though he still maybe of the elite players in the NBA if he is in the right situation.

One team that he would fit perfectly with is the Miami Heat.

Iverson can truly be their answer. The Heat want to keep Dwyane Wade and really want to bring in Chris Bosh, and if they can't get Chris Bosh, they will go after Carlos Boozer, Dirk Nowitzki, or Amare Stoudemire.

Either way the Heat are looking to sign a big name free agent that would keep Wade in Miami.

Wade wants to stay in Miami as long as he has help, I mean who wouldn't want to leave that city. Wade wants more then just Bosh, or Boozer, or Dirk. He wants more players that he knows will help him win another championship.

Last season when Iverson was a free agent, the Heat showed a lot of interest and Wade really wanted Iverson on the Heat but the problem was they wanted Iverson to come off the bench behind Mario Chalmers and Iverson didn't like that, he wanted to start and get at least 35 mpg.

The Heat should have signed Iverson last season, giving them a back court of Wade and Iverson which would go further in the Playoffs (the second round), and Wade would re-sign on July 1st this season bringing in another start to form a big three with Iverson.

The Heat could have even tested it out, and if it didn't work they wouldn't have to re-sign Iverson this season. Telling him he needs to come off the bench for Mario Chalmers was disrespectful and a dumb idea. An injured, rusty Allen Iverson averaged 13.8 ppg and 4.0 apg this season while playing 30 mpg, Mario Chalmers, the player they chose to stick with over Iverson, played in 72 games and averaged just seven points and three assists a night. 

Wade must have been frustrated; his back court partner could not take any pressure off of him and was not ready for big games in the Playoffs. Now the Heat have another chance to sign Allen Iverson and they should take advantage of it.

Wade will only resign with the Heat if he knows they have a winning roster.

Many reports are indicating that Chris Bosh will eventually sign in Miami to pair up with Wade, but would that be enough? Could Mario Chalmers control that team?

The answer is no.

If the Heat want to win they need a proven veteran that has played in big games, and Allen Iverson is that player in this year's free agency, has done it all.

He is hands down a first ballot Hall Of Famer along with guys like Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Tim Duncan, and Kevin Garnett.

Iverson could be the steal of the free agency; he is going to be worth just around $5 million for one season and if he is healing his injuries and training like he says he is then he is still capable of averaging 25 a night even though on this team he won't have to.

Many people believe Iverson has lost a step but they don't realize that in Detroit he was sacrificing and was misused then unfairly blamed, in Philadelphia he was given a non-guaranteed contract and forced to play in a Princeton Offense, Iverson had no choice but to follow his career was on the line when he was playing in Philadelphia and if he caused any problems he would be released.

Iverson fit in well and did not cause any problems, he let the game come to him and did not try taking over even though he probably wanted to do it so badly. He was hurt all season and came in after not playing basketball for a month and in 30 mpg produced more then any player on the roster.

Wade would still love having Iverson as the starting point guard and the two could form the deadliest back court in the league. People think Iverson would ruin chemistry and him and Wade would not be able to co-exist.

Even though Iverson has had a much better career then Dwyane Wade has had so far, he knows that at this point in their careers Wade is a better player. Many people have been bashing Iverson for not taking a back seat the past couple years but the people that he was being asked to take a back seat were Rodney Stuckey, Mike Conley and Louis Williams. If you ask Iverson to take a back seat to Kobe, Wade or LeBron he would do it in a heartbeat he knows who is better then him and who isn't.

If the Heat sign Iverson, that would show Wade that they are committed and want to win, that would also show the rest of the free agents that the Heat want to win now.

Iverson is one of the most respected players in the history of the NBA, he is a cultural icon that transcended the game, all the young players in the league today will tell you that they wanted to be like Iverson at one point. Signing Iverson could lead to Wade re-signing and Chris Bosh signing that would be their Big 3 and they would be the best team in the East. 

Imagine this line up: PG-Allen Iverson, SG- Dwyane Wade, SF- Michael Beasley, PF- Chris Bosh, C- Jermaine O'Neal. Wade would run the show, being the 30 ppg scorer, Bosh could give 22 and 10 a night. Iverson would not have a problem sacrificing on this team he knows it is Wades team, but Wade would also respect that and let Iverson do his thing.

If given at least 35 mpg, Iverson would be able to give the Heat 20 ppg and 8apg and he would take so much pressure off of Wade because defenses would have to worry about him as well. He would fit in perfectly with this team, if you ask Dwyane Wade today who he would rather have as his point guard Mario Chalmers or Allen Iverson, he would be lying if he never said Iverson. 

LeBron is reportedly leaning towards signing with the Knicks, the Bulls will probably offer Wade and Bosh contracts. But what the Heat need to do is make Allen Iverson an offer in the first week of free agency. They have nothing to lose because he is only going to ask for the veterans minimum if they give him a starting spot. He would sign immediately knowing it could be his perfect chance to win a ring.

Wade and another free agent would eventually sign with the Heat and just like that the Heat would be the biggest problem in the league. 

It is better making an offer to Iverson early in free agency because the Heat can't just hope to re-sign Wade without making other big moves to show him that they want to win just as bad as he does.

Chances are if the Heat fail to re-sign Wade and sign other big name free agents they are going be one of the worst teams in the league and will need someone to sell tickets and would get desperate and eventually sign Iverson anyways. I would rather sign him early so other free agents want to come to Miami and then you have a winning situation rather then sign him to sell tickets for a useless season. 

Allen Iverson would be the perfect fit for the Heat and he is only worth the veterans minimum, they had a chance last year and Wade wanted Iverson on the Heat but they passed. Now it is coming up again and they should take advantage of it, Iverson is still a great player and for once in his career he is actually training in the off season.

There are a lot of questions surrounding this years free agency, but I am confident that Allen Iverson is "The Answer" for the Miami Heat.



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