NBA Draft Rumors: Is Chris Bosh Headed To the New York Knicks On Draft Night?

Keith SchlosserAnalyst IJune 20, 2010

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As the Knicks prepare to woo some of the league’s best players via free agency this summer, Chris Bosh is certainly very close to the top of the priority list (behind LeBron James, of course).

In fact, the plan is to sign two talents to maximum contracts. LeBron and Bosh teaming up in orange and blue is the Knicks’ ultimate pipedream.

However, Bosh’s comments on the SNY Network’s “The Wheelhouse” may lead fans to believe that he could get traded to the Knicks before then, specifically, on draft night.

That’s right: draft night. When asked about his summer plans, Bosh replied, “"We'll see after draft night,".

Newsday’s Alan Hahn breaks down what Bosh may have meant with that very comment in his blog, “Knicks Fix”.

“Bosh - like all of the opt-out players - could be traded on draft night, as well. In this scenario, the Bird Rights go with the player, which changes the game dramatically because now you can re-sign this player after capping out, though they do take up room on your payroll as a cap hold so it's not like you would still have room for two maxes.”

Bosh waiting to make any assertions until draft night could benefit the Knicks in one of two different ways.

Hahn reports that the Knicks hope to make a splash on draft night to set the tone that the team is going to drastically improve this summer.

That could include making a draft night trade for a player like Tony Parker or Richard Hamilton, in hopes of convincing free agents that the Knicks are going to be a legitimate contender.

It could also suggest, however, that Bosh himself will be traded to the Knicks on draft night, hooking the team up with his Bird Rights.

The tricky part of it is actually pulling off the trade. In the case of a Parker/Hamilton deal, it is believed that Eddy Curry and his contract would be the centerpiece.

The Raptors, however, are said to want as much talent as possible back for Bosh. The Knicks biggest asset, obviously David Lee, is also a pending free agent. Unlike Bosh, Lee and his “rights” cannot be traded on draft night because he is currently signed to a one year contract.

This makes any deal with the Knicks for Bosh on draft night highly unlikely unless by some miracle the Raptors were to take on Curry.

Curry’s contract could prove to be a tremendous asset for the Knicks leading up to July 1st , as trading him for a winning talent would simply be considered addition by subtraction.

By trading Curry for the likes of Parker or Hamilton, the Knicks could add a moderate all-star (not to mention, Parker and Hamilton both have Championship rings) to put next to the team’s young budding talent in order to further entice LeBron, Bosh, or anyone else for that matter, to play for the Knicks.

It would take less pressure off the Knicks as well. If the team brings in a star before July 1st and then is ultimately only able to lure in one maximum free agent as opposed to two, that would simply mean that Parker or Hamilton would hold down the fort with the signed free agent until 2011.

In 2011, if the cards are played correctly, the Knicks could make a run at another top notch free agent available (namely Carmelo Anthony) with an already strong core in place that includes those two players mentioned, along with the Knicks’ current young group.

Don’t look now, but hope is starting to mount for the Knicks.

The possibilities appear endless.

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