2010 NBA Champions: All It Takes Is A Little Bit Of Momentum

Tristan SatherContributor IJune 17, 2010

 All it will take on Thursday night for the Lakers is a little bit of momentum and they will find themselves with another championship. The Celtics weren't able to take the first punch in game 6.

The Lakers have played 104 games this season they can't let it slip now, Game 7 determines being champions and failures. It determines Kobe's legacy winning 5 rings would really put him up there with Jordan, the Lakers team could fall apart if they were to lose. Like it did in 2004 losing to the Detroit Pistons, Shaq, Payton and Malone left.

The Celtics look sluggish away from home, Rondo is indecisive with the ball and most importantly they lose their swagger. "Doc Rivers said I thought he was looking for too much stuff instead of being aggressive... Rondo has the best instincts in the open court that I have ever coached." "I thought he allowed his thinking to take over instead of his instincts, with Rondo he has great instincts and he has to let those take over tomorrow." 

The Laker fans were more lively then ever in game 6 worried that the Lakers might have been going home. Which the Lakers were able to build off and should be the same in game 7.

Game seven's don't come around all that often, this is the third in the last 21 years and it's the two best teams in NBA history.

"It's life or death," said Kobe Bryant.... but not that extreme". Kobe looks focused and has played extremely well in the last two games averaging 32 points, i expect him to come up big, because he is the most competitive player in the NBA. 

The Celtics can't afford to start the way they did in game 6, Kevin Garnett was asked what are your keys going into game 7. Garnett answered consistency, defense, energy coming out having a great start.

                                        5 Keys For The Lakers

 Limit Turnovers , which was no concern fir the Lakers in game 6 they only had thirteen. Turnovers give teams momentum, the Lakers need to move the ball around like they did in game 6 instead of relying Kobe all the time.

 Rebounds is what cost the Lakers game 4 and 5 down the stretch. The Lakers are capable of crashing the boards, in game 6 they had 52 rebounds and the Celtics had 39. 

The Lakers need to pound the ball down low especially because Kendrick Perkins is injured. Pau Gasol was scared of Perkins, which will allow Pau to go to work on KG which worked out well in game 1. Also pounding the ball down low creates space or shooters.

Bench Production: The Lakers bench was a spark in game 6, they looked confident and aggressive