2010 NBA Draft Preview: Xavier Henry

Del ChocContributor IIJune 16, 2010

Xavier Henry
225 pounds
19 years old
Shooting Guard or Small Forward

When I gabble about someone being thick-set, having muscles on top of muscles and such placid shooting-release, obviously it makes the old-timers burst in reminiscence over the thought of former Buckeye, and Maverick, Jimmy Jackson.

But in 2010 the name Xavier Henry plays to that proverbial theme.

His John-Henry-like contour and precise skill-set makes him very project-able to the next level.

From 2007 and on, Henry was just stepping into his featured role as a shooter, standing impressively at 6-foot-6 and weighing 210 pounds with a beautiful follow-through—which inevitably had scouts from all over pivoting the former Putnam star's way.

At Kansas, most instances captured Xavier deployed behind the arc and committing to an AAU-style of play—shooting too early, never gun-shy, and approaching the game loosely. No doubt this role may inhibited him from getting mentions much earlier than where he's projected—late lottery to mid first-round.

He must improve on his weight management, focus, awareness, and dribbling.

His first-step is quite quick for a swollen-set. Xavier has no problem bullying his way through opponents. He also has much room to refine when you consider his age. Henry's follow-through rarely changes throughout the course of a game. Down the line, he should show some ability to post-up at two, and three.

Projection: round 11-21


Bulls: Rose's scoring and assist production goes up with Henry beside him. Henry offers that of a Ben Gordon, but obviously as you look at the picture and video he's much bigger.