NBA Rumors: Chris Bosh Makes Winning Sauce With Phoenix Suns

Erik LandauCorrespondent IJune 16, 2010

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All of the talk for this impending free agency has revolved around LeBron James and rightly so. He is the best player in the game (to many people), but I would like to turn my focus to the potential signing of Chris Bosh. The big man has played his entire professional career away from the spotlight in the bitter winter of Canada and needs a little more sun in his life.

The main focus for many Suns fans has been about resigning Amar'e this offseason, which is justified. He has been the only legitimate big man the Suns have had this past decade. He played MVP caliber basketball in the second half of the regular season for the Suns and was a positive influence on the team. Even with rumors surrounding his impending trades to the Warriors and Cavs, he stayed focused and played with determination.

This has made it necessary that the Suns resign Stoudemire. With that thought, the Suns should be willing to put themselves out of the norm like they did in trading for Shaq two seasons ago. They should go Bosh to tandem with Stoudemire in hopes of finally bringing a title to the valley of the sun.

Lets face it: the Lakers were just too big for the Suns in this 2010 postseason. The trio of Bynum, Odom and especially Gasol ate the Suns bigs alive. With this obvious problem facing the Suns, a prominent big man is what they need to go head-to-head with the Suns. Bosh is the solution because he is not only a top five big man in the game, but he fits with the flow of the Phoenix offense.

Imagine Steve Nash running the floor and having Bosh running the lanes with Stoudemire trailing behind, and shooters just waiting for the ball as defenders collapse to the big men. It would be as lethal a combination as any in the league for Nash to feed.

There are however, problems at this current time which would lead to the inability of signing both Stoudemire and Bosh to the roster. The Suns just don't have enough money to sign both Bosh and Stoudemire without radically modifying their team.

Here are the three things needed to change the roster:

#1. Jason Richardson has got to go; Possibly Leandro Barbosa

I have watched Richardson have a great postseason and he reminded me of what he did in the Playoffs with the Warriors in the 2007 Playoffs. However, even his 42 points against Portland in a playoff game this year won't save Alvin Gentry from defensive liabilities. He is not a bad defender, but he is paid way too much for his role on the team.

This past season, he was paid $13.33 million dollars. This upcoming year he is slated to make $14.44 million dollars. That is more than Steve Nash makes and is among the highest in the league. The Suns have to trade him to the best bidder, preferably to a team who can offer a solid veteran shooting guard who demands very little money.

Barbosa, a former Spurs draft pick, has always shown promise of All-Star talent, but has never fully lived up to it. He makes $6.6 million a year and that cash could be used to fill in another two roster spots.

#2. Steve Nash needs to take a pay cut.

I would never say this as a slight towards the playing ability of Steve Nash, but as a good Samaritan side of Nash. He wants a title, BADLY and if it takes letting Stoudemire and Bosh being a little greedy I say do it. His window of opportunity is only going to be open a few more seasons and he needs a more complete and talented roster if he wants to challenge the Lake Show.

It would almost be unheard of right now for Nash to take the pay cut, but in desperate times, come desperate measures.

#3. Steve Kerr Optimism must continue in roster options

Steve Kerr is now out as general manager due to personal reasons and the Suns need another GM who is willing to put some risque and intriguing personnel decisions on the floor. If Michael Redd is released by the Bucks, and is willing to take little money like Grant Hill ($3 Million) that could be an answer. There are other options always available.

With these roster spots all in limbo, there is no given that Bosh even has any interest in coming to Phoenix. The Suns organization must get in a GM as soon as possible and make sure Steve Nash can somehow sway Stoudemire to stay and get Bosh to play. If that means taking another broken orbital bone above his eye or a broken nose I'm sure Nash is "fair game".

Bosh would best fit with the Suns over any other team and he could run freely as he did during his freshman year of college at Georgia Tech. The more Bosh continues to resemble a predator, the more I desire to see out of this world experiences from him. Phoenix is the place for Bosh to utilize his talents.