Charles Barkley Wants To Horribly Mismanage Your Money

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Charles Barkley Wants To Horribly Mismanage Your Money
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Charles Barkley claims he wants to someday be the GM of an NBA team.  His only obstacle will be the presence of sanity in owners across the league.


Barkley is perhaps in the bottom five percent of former players that I would want to manage my team.  A guy with multiple run-ins with the law as well as a very public gambling problem as the GM for a franchise worth hundreds of millions of dollars?  No thanks.


If you had to pick fifty former players or coaches as a pool to select GMs from, would Barkley even cross your mind?


 I’m certainly a forgiving person, so I can look past Barkley’s misdeeds during his playing days.  However, what I can’t look past are all of the well-known and embarrassing incidents Barkley has encountered in previous years.


Need I remind anyone of the DUI he picked up while admittedly traveling to a certain female friend’s place for reasons I’d rather not repeat?


Hopefully, this is nothing more than a pipedream and Sir Charles will never be handed the keys to any of the NBA’s cars. 

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