Lakers vs. Celtics, Game 4: Boston Proves Sportsmanship Is Officially Obsolete

Adam LawrenceContributor IMarch 2, 2017

Jim Rogash/Getty Images

Like many of you, I went into this year's NBA Finals without a team to root for, only hoping for solid basketball to be played in Boston and Los Angeles.

And what did we get?

Absolutely nothing.

In fact, we got the opposite. We got the worst example of sportsmanship and basketball I may have ever seen in my life.

To explain, let me first state that I HATE the Lakers. Always have and always will. And when this series started, I couldn't help but cheer for the Celtics. After all, Ray Allen is such a great sports figure and the team has fought against some serious odds to make it this far in the playoffs.

And like all of you Laker haters, I passionately hate Kobe, to the point where I'll root against him no matter who's playing.

That was until last night.

For all of you Celtics fans, I apologize in advance, and don't mean to attack your team. I am merely trying to show how some Celtic players have proven how problematic the NBA is getting.

Where should we start? Glen "Big Baby" Davis drooling after a nice layup? Or how about Nate Robinson trying to start something with Lamar Odom (who happens to be twice his size)? Or maybe even Rasheed cursing so loudly that anyone two years or older could have heard?

The Celtics racked up technical fouls like it was their job on thursday night, and if the Lakers had taken advantage of some of those opporunities the game could have seriously shifted towards their favor, yet of course, they failed to do so.

Instead they let Nate Robinson have his glorious moment, his fifteen minutes, when he left the Celtics bench up off their feet and making more obscene, absurd gestures to the crowd.

The entire team, minus the participation of Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo, fail to understand that when you AREN'T one of your five teammates on the court, you CAN'T run onto the court to celebrate, participate, and talk smack to the opposition.

When will someone stand up to explain that it's not okay to look like a cyclops and drool on the court after (here's the best part)... YOU MADE A LAYUP.

That's right, Glen Davis decided that his layup (he's 6'10''), was so crucial, so amazing and life-changing, that he decided to spaz out in the most ridiculous and blatantly unsportsmanlike attitude I have ever seen.

And don't give me the argument that its all in good sport and the competitive nature of the game.

Anyone ever see Michael Jordan act like that? Maybe after he won the Finals on a buzzer beater, but certainly not with eight minutes to go in the fourth quarter in Game Four.

How about Larry Bird? John Stockton? Tim Duncan? Hell, how about Kobe? LeBron?

That's what I thought.

Great players have never had to excessively show their talent through celebration, they do it through their play.

Nate Robinson on the other hand? Big Baby? Rasheed? KG? Why are these guys getting off with this attitude?

I don't know about you all, but I am getting real sick of the KG attitude that for some reason has swept the league over the last several seasons.

The attitude that its acceptable to be a jerk on the court, bang your head against a wall like a crazy person, and treat your opponents like garbage because this is a really big rivalry .

Give me a break.

This is the excuse people make when the become immature and overly competitive.

How do I know? I do the exact same thing. And that's okay, because I'm not on national television and I don't have rules to follow that should be strictly governed by David Stern.

But this series has taught me just as much about the Lakers as it has about the Celtics.

From a die-hard Laker hater, this is tough to say, but I have more respect for that team than I ever thought I would, and its because of the way the compose themselves in comparison to the other teams in the league.

These two teams weren't even comparable last night, and while the Celtics were overdoing celebrations and acting like complete idiots, the Lakers were composed and determined, and even though they lost, they have more going for them: they aren't a bunch of mentally challenged players out to see who can start the most fights and push Doc Rivers the most.

This series has finally proven to me how bad basketball is suffering and why BASEketball will replace basketball as a sport, and it all comes down to excessive celebrations.

You'd think that someone would have explained it to them at some point in their career. The Lakers get it, the Jazz get it, the Spurs really get it, the Bulls got it, and that's why they continuously play for titles, because they have a respect for the hierarchy of the game and of the coaching staff that manages their team.

The Celtics are still in grade school, and that's why the Lakers will win this series.