Toronto Raptors: Rebuilt Stage

Arman HaiderContributor IJune 10, 2010

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For all the Raptors fans, yes it was a very dissappointing season. I remember last offseason when they acquired Hedo, Bellineli and got rid of J O'Neal. If you were thinking playoffs.. I'm just as mad as you are. The Raptors are now currently in the rebuild stage, and i can guarentee that this is going to be a very big offseason.

With Bryan Collangelo being a GM known for making big moves, expect BIG changes this summer.


Hedo Turkoglu

First let me start off by saying what everyone might already know, Turkoglu wants to be traded to Sacramento. This obviously shows you the turkish player has some serious issues. Turkoglu has been one of the biggest bust signings of the 2009-2010, along with Vince Carter and Rasheed Wallace. Although Wallace has proved that wrong in the playoffs.

First Turk blew the season, then he requested a trade, how hes telling us where he wants to go? His stocks go down evertime he talks. The upside to all this is the Raptors hold a trade kicker, meaning Turkoglu doesn't choose where he gets to go, Collangelo does. That being said, IF collangelo decides to give Turkoglu to the Sacramento Kings, we will recieve Nocioni and along with another player, or if we're lucky, the 5th draft pick. Raptors have been looking for another draft pick, and this may be their chance to claim it if Collangelo plays his cards right.


Chris Bosh

The next player on the big block is CB4. With each day in this offseason, Bosh has been giving Raptors fans less and less hope by the day. But before everyone gets upset with Bosh's leaving, I think we should think about the plus side.

If you look at the history of the league, think as far back as you can, you will notice not many Centers/PF can lead their team alone. Raptors have chosen the wrong guy to built a franchise arround. Bosh is just a 2nd option, raptors can do much better. 

With recent rumours arround the internet saying Bosh, Lebron and Wade are looking to join forces in Miami. Now with Miami's situation, they have enough time to re-sign Wade, and sign a 2nd Max contract (LeBron), almost enough for a 3rd. That almost isn't enough, so Miami is looking to rid Micheal Beasley. This may be an upside for Toronto, because we can put Bosh in a Sign and Trade, and with the choice of sending him to the only place he would want to go, we would have to accept Beasley in exchange. I don't know about anyone else, but Beasley is a pretty good player. He has been given less touchs in Miami and hasn't been able to show his full potential, but he is a pretty good player! Along with Beasley we might also recieve a side player just for filling the missing space, maybe a Dequan Cook.


Andrea Bargnani

Andrea is one of the bright spots of the Raptors, yet so many people hate him? This guy is really skilled, and he can put the ball in the hole! He's been shadowed by Bosh's great season, and Turkoglu's ugly season. He managed to average 17.2 PPG and 6.20 RPG. People have criticized his rebounds, but heres why you shouldn't. Bosh averages above 11 RPG, and thats Bosh's role. Bargnani has a different role, he runs the floor. This makes it hard for the other team to guard the raptors in transition, because he can hit the 3, or take it hard. Either way its up to him to miss, because the other team can't guard him. This is one of the main reasons he isn't asked to grab boards.

Another role they can play him as is the Channing Frye role. If you just think about how many 3's Channing Frye shoots in one game, wether it goes in or not, just screen go behind the 3 and wait for Nash to pass it back. If Andrea played that role, he would just be an unstopable force in the league.

This guy may be one of the only bright spots of the Raptors, and i think with Bosh gone, he's gonna get some serious touchs! Expect more from him next season.


Jose Calderon

This offseason, expect alot of heat on this guy. He came into the season injured, and didnt play to his full potential. His defence is terrible and can't contain the perimeter. On the plus side, he can shoot the ball, and he can run the play. That I guess is a one sided PG, but from what i've been hearing, they dont need that kinda PG in Toronto. Rumours say they are dealing Calderon to Cleveland for a Moe Williams.

This trade may be a good trade, if the Raptors keep Hedo. Moe is only good when he doesn't run the point. In Cleveland, LeBron passed the ball, and ran the play, Moe just shot. Dont get me wrong he's a good player, but raptors need a play maker to get this guy in the lineup. If Hedo stays, raptors can make him run the point forward, and let Moe hit his jumpers. Either way, Jose is on the trade block, whether its for Moe, or someone else, dont expect him in the roster come november.


DeMar DeRozan

If he was in a team like Curry, or Tyreke, you would be hearing this guy's name everywhere. Before he was drafted last year I heard he would be the next vince carter. After watching the season, I don't see why he can't be. He has the potential of being that slasher/scorer the Raptors need, if they give him the ball more.

By the way, if you havn't already heard, DeRozan is playing in a Drew League in L.A. That gives us a good sign that he wants to play and get better if he's keeping basketball in his offseason. That being said, theres even better news! did you know DeRozan has been tearing that league apart? Just last week, he dropped 46 points! Hearing something like that gives me hopes for the Toronto Raptors next year, knowing they have a future star in their hands. don't act stupid Collangelo. KEEP HIM!


The Bench

The raptors had one of the best benchs I've seen them have over the past few years. We had Jarrett Jack, who outshined Calderon almost every single game of the season. We had Sonny Weems! I don't need to explain him, if you watch the raptors you already know Sonny Weems. We had Amir Johnson, just a guy coming off the bench and Hustling, thats a kind of guy you need on every team, along with that we had Antoine Wright, the best perimeter defender on the team. This whole bench had Role players, each of them had their part, and each of them left their mark. The raptors had a pretty solid overall team. I think the only thing they were missing was a scorer, and i guess they saw that in Turkoglu last year. If it wasn't for Turkoglu, I wonder how far they would have made it...


Other Rumours

Other rumours that are arround the internet...

Bosh for David Lee,

Turkoglu for Gilbert Arenas,

Jose for Steve Nash

and many rumours going on about aquiring either a late first round pick to second round pick.


It may have been an ugly season for the raptors, but atleast they gave us a thrill in the end of the season! its not like they were COMPLETELY out of it, so we can't be THAT mad at them.. can we?


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