What's More Disturbing: Notre Dame Football or New York Knicks Basketball?

James HudsonContributor INovember 25, 2007

IconEntering Week 12, Charlie Weiss was criticized for his sub-par coaching job at Notre Dame. A 2-9 record is not what any past, present, or future Notre Dame player ever wants to see.

Sure, Notre Dame wasn't expected to be a BCS contender this year after losing Brady Quinn last year and Jeff Samardzija the year before, but they did recruit two high-ranking high school QBs—they should have been decent. But no, the Notre Dame O-Line did not protect, the QBs did not throw in time, and the receivers dropped passes.

In Week 12, ND did get their third win of the season against Stanford. After the game, Weiss said this team did something no other Notre Dame team had done—win two in a row to lose the season.

Hopefully, he was joking because those two wins were close ones against consistent sub-500 teams (Duke and Stanford).

IconOn the other side we have the New York Knicks (3-9). The likes of Isaiah Thomas and Stephon Marbury have been booed numerous times by the crowd at Madison Square Garden.

This might be a far-fetched argument because the Knicks have not been playoff contenders for awhile.

After a win last night, they ended an eight game losing streak. Even so, with talent like Zach Randolph, David Lee, Stephon Marbury, and Eddy Curry they should be winning more than three games out of 12 games.

With the same record as the Notre Dame football team, people are getting restless. If the Knicks do not start winning more, they will likely see fewer and fewer ticket sales.

The one difference between the two abysmal teams is that Isaiah is not talking to the press about the poor performance. This is where Charlie Weiss could learn from Thomas. Keep your mouth shut and play ball.