2010 NBA Finals: All About Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo, Series Now 1-1

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2010 NBA Finals: All About Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo, Series Now 1-1
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  The NBA Finals are now tied up at a game a piece and the two games played by the Lakers and Celtics were very different to say the least. Game 1 was for lack of a better word a boring game to watch. The Lakers just dominated all areas of the game a championship level team should dominate, especially rebounding. The Lakers big men played better than the Celtics big men especially in the Pau Gasol Kevin Garnett matchup. Kobe scored thirty and that all added up to a 102-89 Lakers victory.

  Tonight was diffrent. Tonight Garnett still struggled but it didn't matter because today was the Ray Allen Rajon Rondo show. Really the Ray Allen show, however, Rajon Rondo did play like a true point guard today. Attacking the Lakers defense and facilitating passes to his bigs and to the star of the night, Ray Allen. Allen shot 11-20 from the field including an astonishing 8-11 from behind the three point line (72%). That by the way is an NBA Finals record.

  Getting back to Rondo, lets give credit where credit is due. The man has truly grown up as a basketball player. It seemed that everytime the Lakers missed a shot, he would be the one to grab the rebound and push the ball up the court. Then either shoot a layup or find Ray Allen for another 3 point oppurtunity. The Celtics were just better tonight and withstood a Lakers run from the end of the first half to the first few minutes of the third quarter, that saw the Lakers take the lead after being down by double digits. This more than enough showed the Celtics championship pedigree and the Celtics winning game 2 103-94 had a lot to do with the Celtics keeping their composure after the Lakers made their run.

  Ray Allen was the star but Rondo played his role getting a triple double with 19 Pts 10 Ast and 12 Rebs. Tonight the Celtics did not need Garnett, Pierce or their bench. All they needed was good solid defense, Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo. With that said the fact that Allen had 27 at the half and the Celtics were only up 6 tells you how close this series is going to be. It also shows that Pierce and Garnett need to step up. Especially Garnett, he needs to turn that matchup between him and Gasol around for the Celtics to win this series. He needs to make people question Gasol's toughness again.

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