Zoran Dragic: Could He Be The Answer To The Suns' Future?

Vincent YinContributor IJune 6, 2010

The Phoenix Suns franchise has never really been known to be in a rebuilding phase before, but whether we like it or not the time will come. Despite going as far as the Western Conference Finals, the Suns will not always be able to continue running, especially with Steve Nash nearing retirement.

Quite recently we have been introduced to a special talent who most didn't believe was possessed, but this talent has convinced fans and also given hope for the Suns' future.

That one player is the self-proclaimed Dragon, also known as Goran Dragic.

He may be special but one player isn't going to turn this team around. Despite his ability to change the tempo and outcome of the game, and to hype up the crowd, Goran will require a wing-man. Many people can say that Robin Lopez will be his wing man but I do not see Robin Lopez possessing the same talent and potential of his twin brother, Brook Lopez. 

Goran Dragic isn't the only special talent from Slovenia or even the Dragic family. Goran's brother, Zoran, who currently plays in a Slovenian league shares the same instincts and talent as his brother. Goran Dragic has even been caught telling reporters that his brother is a better basketball player than he is.

In addition, the Suns' administration must already be aware of Zoran's talents because the Suns' general manager, Steve Kerr, has already talked to Zoran.

Zoran might not be well-known or have a high stock but that is because he decided to play in his hometown league rather than overseas or in another European league. The Slovenian league is not even close to being one of the best leagues in Europe, but nonetheless I'm sure Zoran will not pass the Suns' interest.

Zoran Dragic is expected to declare for the 2011 draft along big name European players such as Donatas Motiejunas, Jan Vesely, Tim Ohlbrecht, and Nikola Mirotic as well as some other young big named European talents.