LeBron James: I don't give a (bleep)

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LeBron James: I don't give a (bleep)
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LeBron is an amateur.

It's been done before.  He's not the first player professional sports to spark rampant speculation and place false dreams in the eyes and hearts of millions of fans.  Fans were sick and tired of it when it the last guy did it, and that's a tough act to follow.

King James has managed to infiltrate office conversations, online forums, and every blog and news site ever created during a time when we should really be focused on more important things like the NBA Finals or the passing of a legend.  Conversations that extend well beyond the normal boundaries of imagination.  Ideas that will never happen in a million years.

Ideas like LeBron going to Portland to team up with Greg Oden.

Or how about LeBron to the Mavericks? (This one is actually cleverly written and has been commented on by Mark Cuban via Twitter: "Got to love [our] Mav fans!" -- worth a read)

How about a recently written B/R article that has LeBron going to San Antonio to play alongside the great Tim Duncan?

Apparently Bill Simmons has even chimed in saying that the Washington Wizards are in the Top 5 of the "LeBron Sweepstakes".

My personal favorite, and one that I wouldn't mind seeing, comes from the Miami Herald that claims the Heat could end up with LeBron, Wade, and still do a sign and trade with Bosh to create a dominate trio.

So here's the deal -- it doesn't matter right now.  None of it.  At least, not until July 1st.  Even then things are going to have to develop for weeks before something major will happen.

I can't take the constant barrage of "what if" scenarios for the next three and a half weeks.  Especially the ones that make absolutely no sense.

A couple of things for everyone to consider if you can't wait for your team to get your hands on LeBron so he can instantly (and magically in some cases) make your team a perennial playoff contender:

  1. If your team doesn't put LeBron in a better situation than he has in Cleveland -- why is he going to leave?
  2. If your team doesn't have cap space, you're out of the running.  The end.  You can't afford LeBron, and you can't afford any of the superstars he wants to play with.
  3. If your team is not in a big market city -- no chance.  LeBron wants to be global.  Oklahoma City doesn't cut it.

So I make a final plea to all writers, bloggers, etc. -- do us a favor and show some restraint.  Nobody knows where LeBron is going right now -- not even the King himself.  Your continuous flow of articles and segments on the subject is getting boring and monotonous.  The only plus to your persistence is the creation of an article such as this that admittedly stands as ironic.

Kobe said it best: "I'm trying to tell you in a polite way, I don't give a [bleep]".

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