Should The Bobcats Make a Play For Gilbert Arenas

Kevin DContributor IJune 3, 2010

With the Wizards Apparently Looking to Unload Gilbert for Nothing Should the Bobcats Make a Play for Arenas?


Boris Diaw (2 years $18 mil) and Desagana Diop (3 years $21 mil)

TOTAL –  $39 mil


Gilbert Arenas (4 years $80 mil)

WHY CHARLOTTE CONSIDERS IT – Yes I know Gilbert is an unwanted commodity right now in the league.  Most perceive him as 1) overpaid, 2) a thug, or 3) as a goofball and most teams wouldn’t take on the risk because of his monstrous contract.   But right now his stock is historically low and for a gambler and shrewd businessman like MJ, I could see Arenas being a worthy investment if it allows us to rid ourselves of our 2 worse contracts.

In Charlotte we have a nice hard working core filled with veterans who play the game the right way and because of that it which could be a good environment for Arenas to get his career on track.  We are also severely lacking in 2 areas that Arenas could provide 1) scoring and 2) a point guard (Felton’s free agent and very likely won’t re-sign).  Perhaps more importantly making this deal shows Tyrus Thomas that we’re serious about re-signing him this summer by showing him that the he’s  both the power forward of the present and the future for the Cats, and frees up playing time for 2008 draft pick Alexis Ajinca.

WHY WASHINGTON CONSIDERS IT - If Washington is really committed to removing Arenas because they feel that he'd be a bad influence on Wall and are considering going as far as buying him out like reports out of Washington have said, than this deal seriously benefits them.  While they don’t get anywhere near the amount of talent back as their dishing out, chemistry-wise this could be a slam dunk.

First off besides Arenas, the Wizards have no vets signed on their roster, the Wiz could do worse than Diaw and Diop to provide a positive influence on the young guys in Washington (like Andray Blatche and Javale McGee).  Adding in an unselfish guy like Diaw could be good for Dray, and a defensive stalwart like Diop could show McGee a thing or 2 about how the game should be played on D.

Additionally, this deal would save them approximately $41.3 mil over the next 4 years as well and give them $4.4 mil in additional salary cap room this off-season (which combined with the cap space they already have would allow them to add 2 max contracts this summer).