Antoine Walker Put on the Line of Gambling Debts

Krishna DhaniCorrespondent IJune 1, 2010

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Antoine Walker, the former Boston Celtics player, has unpaid debts.

His career may be on the line. He was in Vegas gambling and not paying his debts. This could be the last of him.

He failed in ways of paying as now he has gotten it worse by leaving it at $900,000 in debts of gambling at Ceaser’s Palace, Red Rock Casino and Spa, and Planet Hollywood. These casinos are one of the most famous ones in Vegas. Trust me, I live there. Gambling may be an addiction but there is a limit to everything.

That’s not all that is left. In some of his payments and debts, he has $12.7 million in liabilities and $4.3 million in assets. What in the world is he doing? Now we all know that he is a NBA player so he can afford this, but if he doesn’t pay them he will have to spend 12 YEARS IN JAIL!

On June 14th, there is a court arrangement for Jonathan Powell (his lawyer) and him to attend.

Now don’t get me wrong, he has already paid $135,ooo of his debts. He got the call, but that doesn’t mean he is completely off the hook. This can be the end. There are fined and penalties to late payments and if he doesn’t pay on time, he will have a bigger amount to pay and will keep adding. Maybe even jail will be the outcome. This can be the end of his career.

I wish him good luck in paying the large debts, because this is an unbelievable amount. He will take time off on June 14th to go to court.