The Lakers Are Back In The NBA Finals

Tristan SatherContributor IMay 30, 2010

  The Lakers are back into the NBA Finals for the third straight year, but they have one more mountain to climb, the Boston Celtics. The Celtics are playing with passion and intensity. They have bonded well as a team and are starting to play to their full potential at the most important time of the year.

Kobe Bryant said they taught us what it takes to be a champion... their defensive intensity that they play with and their tenacity that they play with. The Celtics are hungry to win another championship. Rondo is making plays constantly at both ends of the court. The Celtics' starting five has never lost a series.

The Lakers won 111-103 despite Pau's struggles on Saturday night at the US Airways Center, where the Suns are especially electrifying when Channing Frye, Jared Dudley and Jason Richardson get going. The Lakers bench came back to life in game 6, knocking down a few threes. As the game went on the Lakers, led by Kobe and Ron Artest, were the team able to score more consistently. Pau and Lamar both struggled while shooting a combined 5 from 21. Lamar Odom contributed in other ways, snatching 12 boards.

Amare looked flustered in the first half, he couldn't get anything to fall but Steve Nash was able to hit his awkward rainbows. Nash had a quiet 21, shooting 8 from 11. There has been a lot of talk this series about Nash having to shoot 20 plus shots for the Suns to win, which he did in game 5 and it led to a two point loss. Grant Hill is an X-factor but he didn't have an impact on the game scoring six points while shooting 2 from 7.

Without Kobe the Lakers wouldn't have won the game, he hit shot after shot whenever the Suns looked like they were coming back. "There is only one other player that could hit those shots and that is Michael Jordan and he is doing Hanes commercials," Reggie Miller said.The Suns were playing good defense they weren't biting on any of Kobe's fakes, As Charles Barkley said " These are shots you say let's make him shoot this and that's just greatness".