2010 NBA Playoffs: Celtics Sparked By Nate Robinson in Game 6 Win over Magic

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2010 NBA Playoffs: Celtics Sparked By Nate Robinson in Game 6 Win over Magic
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After much talk about breaking up the "big three" the Boston Celtics kept their core together. There were rumors that Nate Robinson wanted to be traded to the Celtics but no one thought it would happen. In the end the Celtics traded Bill Walker, JR Giddens, and Eddie House for Robinson.

Fast forward to April and Doc Rivers was quoted as saying that Robinson would win a playoff game for them.

Everyone thought he was just trying to justify what was thought as a catastrophic mistake. Robinson had done nothing but lose during his brief NBA career, and the Celtics had traded crowd favorite Eddie house to get him. 

Let's face it; the New York Knicks under Mike D'Antoni are not a selfless team.

Nate had never been asked to play solid basketball and as a result he saw less time on the court. To Nate's credit he did not let it effect his relationship with his teammates.     

Robinson spent the last 30 games on the bench but was the loudest cheerleader on the team. He celebrated every time his team made a solid play and continued to work hard.

All the while Doc kept whispering in his ear the words he uttered on April 9 that Robinson will be a major factor in a playoff game.

That game was last night. The Celtics showed Nate that if he embraced what it meant to be a Celtic his one shining moment would come.

The second quarter was the Nate Robinson show. It was the match-up no one saw coming. Robinson a.k.a Mighty Mouse vs. Dwight "Superman" Howard; it was a battle for the ages. Mighty Mouse had found a crack in the Magics defense; Superman was there cape fluttering in the paint, waiting at the summit. Mighty Mouse remained undaunted as he too put on his cape and propelled himself into Superman's chest.

He may have missed the shot, but that foul put Howard in foul trouble and the Celtics little-big man ignited the team. Robinson did what he was brought here to do: be an energy guy of the bench.

Paul Pierce was heard saying after the game, that Robinson became a man last night. Everyone understood that he was the one that cemented the win for Boston. 

During his post game interviews Robinson didn’t thump his chest like he does on the court; he spoke about staying ready for the opportunity.

Here’s to you Nate Robinson. Remember what got you to this point, and most of all remain humble. 

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