If Kobe Wins Another One: Silencing The Crowd for Good?

Hayden Kim@@HayDayKimCorrespondent IIIMay 29, 2010

There is only one goal in Kobe's mind: To surpass Michael Jordan.

What ever people may say about LeBron vs. Kobe, Kobe only cares about Michael Jordan.

People may have forgotten how similar Kobe and Michael are.

If you closed your eyes and listened to both of them, you probably wouldn't be able to tell them apart.

Kobe's game cannot be any more identical either.

They are both considered to be great mid-range shooters, they are "freak athletes", and they are the two players you want with two minuets to go in the game with the game on the line.

Honestly, Kobe's effort to "become" MJ has always bothered me.

You know when someones obsessed with someone when they copy how they chew gum. Yes, Kobe even chews gum "like Mike."

Does this mean Kobe dug a hole too deep to get out of?

The answer is yes.

People will never get past Kobe without thinking about Michael and that's a fact.

Now if you ask me, Kobe can do everything that Michael has already done if someone wants to make that argument.

Their athleticism is comparable, they have both been scoring champions, they have made All-NBA 1st team, All-NBA 1st Defensive Team, and both have been all stars multiple times.

Tell me something Jordan has done that Kobe hasn't done already. If you can think of something, it is something Kobe can most likely accomplish before he retires.

Kobe is on his way to another title and that would be number five. Kobe would only need one more to tie and two more to surpass the great Michael Jordan.

We all know this would complete Kobe's career and possibly his life.

If Kobe accomplishes his goal of surpassing Jordan's number of championships, will it be enough to silence the Kobe-haters forever?

It should but it won't.

There will always be Kobe-haters and Jordan-lovers.

It's just how the world is. Without comparison, sports would be boring.

But if Kobe wins, it will just be another example people Kobe Fan's can use to compare Kobe to both Jordan and LeBron.

Now I'm more excited to silence LeBron Fan's more than silencing the world.

Like I said, us Laker fans will have to deal with the "haters" probably until the day we have the letters R.I.P. over our grave.

So we have to try and minimize that group of people as much as possible.

How do we do this?

Well Kobe has to win another title and he must do this in the most unconventional style.

Kobe must dominate the Celtics as the Showtime Lakers did back in the day.

Kobe must once again so that he really is the best player in the world.

Kobe must show that it does not take highlights, dunks, and blocking shots to make a player. It takes leadership and a killer instinct to make a true competitor that Kobe is.

If Kobe succeeds in doing so, I truly believe that he will gain every ones respect, not their popularity vote.

And I can live with that.

The question is, can you?

This year's playoffs will be Kobe's ultimate challenge.

The Celtics will throw everything they have at Kobe and the Lakers and this will only help Kobe take his game to the next level.

This is what I hope to see in this upcoming series. (Considering the Lakers defeat the Suns). For me this will be the most nerve racking series and I will be "bleeding purple and gold" until the end.

Will these next two years be another deciding factor in what Kobe will leave behind in the game of basketball, and will this be the moment Kobe "Bean" Bryant surpasses the great Michael "MJ" Jordan?

It's all up to you Kobe, don't mess this up.


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