Can the Bulls Build a New Dynasty? Anything Is Possible

Ahmad NafeContributor IMay 28, 2010

CLEVELAND - APRIL 27: LeBron James #23 of the Cleveland Cavaliers talks with Derrick Rose #1 of the Chicago Bulls after defeating the Bulls 96-94 in Game Five of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals during the 2010 NBA Playoffs at Quicken Loans Arena on April 27, 2010 in Cleveland, Ohio. Cleveland won the series 4-1. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
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For Bulls fans, next season starts on July 1st when big names hit free agency. Players like LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Dirk Nowitzki will all be available for the Chicago Bulls, who will be a major player in this year’s historic free agency.

Chicago, a city of rich basketball tradition, continues to look for the next Bulls dynasty. Everyone in Chicago is craving for a Bulls team that can continue the glory that Michael Jordan once established. Michael Jordan’s Bulls had delivered six titles in two three-peats. With six NBA championships, the Bulls rank third all-time behind the Celtics and the Lakers for most titles won in NBA history.

With the availability of the aforementioned free agents this upcoming summer, the Bulls are certainly in position to build another dynasty. However, not all scenarios will guarantee a championship-caliber team for the Bulls at the end of the summer. We will examine the main possible scenario that might happen in this year’s free agency which could impact the entire future of the Chicago Bulls.

The main goal and the ultimate prize of this year’s free agency is LeBron James. He is regarded by many as the most physically-gifted player the league had ever seen. LeBron can make any team an instant contender for the NBA championship because of his electrifying scoring and passing abilities. Any team in the league would love to add this guy because he can bring you 10 to 30 more wins easily. He is a dominant player without a doubt. If the Bulls can add LeBron James to their brilliant core of Noah, Rose and Deng, they would be definitely become a contender in the Eastern conference. Derrick Rose had stated that he would welcome the opportunity of playing alongside LeBron in many different occasions. James admires Derrick Rose’s style of play and he surely would love to have a very skilled point guard who can take some of the pressure off him. There were many reports that confirmed phone calls between James and Rose in the past few weeks. So there is a sure interest from LeBron to join the Bulls.

With LeBron James, the Bulls will be a top team in the East, but in order to get to the dynasty level we are discussing here, there has to be another major move by the Bulls management. This might happen in the form of a sign-and-trade with Toronto to get Chris Bosh, or with Miami for Wade, which seems unlikely. The Bulls, in my opinion has a good chance at a sign-and-trade with the Hawks for Joe Johnson, given he decides to leave Atlanta. The price tag for that move might be Luol Deng and/or Kirk Hinrich, but the Bulls must do that trade if it is possible.

Joe Johnson is a very good scorer. He is a player who can create his own shot at any moment, and that would make things a lot easier for LeBron James and Derrick Rose. A starting lineup of Derrick Rose, Joe Johnson, LeBron James, Taj Gibson and Joakim Noah can only spell trouble for teams around the league for years to come. That lineup, in my opinion would be the keystone of another Bulls dynasty.

In the NBA, everything is within the realm of possibility. Remember when the Celtics obtained both Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen and went on to win the NBA championship in 2008? I bet you no one had even imagined a starting lineup for Boston featuring Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett prior to that championship year.

The Bulls have an excellent chance of building another dynasty. Just ask Kevin Garnett when he won his first ring in Boston. He would tell you that, “anything is possible.”