2010 NBA Playoffs: What's Up Doc? Celtics Playoff Run May Be Up A River

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2010 NBA Playoffs: What's Up Doc? Celtics Playoff Run May Be Up A River
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I have had a high level of respect for Boston Celtics coach, Glen 'Doc' Rivers, in past. But that status was brought down a rung following an incident that occurred in Game 4 of their series with the Orlando Magic.

In returning to the floor following a third quarter shot attempt, the Magic's Dwight Howard accidentally hit the Celtics' Glen "Big Baby" Davis in the face as Howard's left arm delivered the blow on his follow through.

As Davis lay on his back and Orlando transitioned to a fast break with numbers, Rivers could clearly be seen yelling and cajoling Davis to get up.

Davis gamely rose to his feet and proceeded to stagger down the court, reaching a point just beyond the half court stripe before falling into the arms of referee, Joey Crawford, who witnessed the lurching Davis' attempt to negotiate the court wildly, not unlike a derailed freight train.

I know that 'Doc' was frustrated by the listless play of the Celtics at that point, and certainly has been at wit's end on occasion by the immature antics that "Big Baby" has exhibited in a short NBA career. But, Rivers' insensitive act in chiding Davis was disappointing and lacked maturation as well. In the aftermath, Davis was determined to have suffered a concussion.

To truly add insult to injury, Rivers did not take blame for his callous treatment of Davis during the tilt, but instead professed to know nothing of Glen's status for Game 6, deriding Davis' injury by stating that Glen was "a little out there anyway."

What had been a disappointment in Rivers' behavior instead became a blemish to his coaching record, and may yet sabotage the ongoing playoff run for the Celtics.

Not only must 'Doc' all ready worry in controlling his "Three Angry Old Men" - Kevin "Elbow And Arrow" Garnett, Paul "Hypo" Pierce, and Rasheed "T" Wallace - but now must erase this blemish between himself and Davis.

"Big Baby" performed like, well a man, when he attempted to right himself and stagger down the court. Thank goodness he didn't pancake Crawford.        .

Perhaps it is Rivers' turn to man up and apologize to Davis prior to Game 6. That is, if "Big Baby" can even return to the fray.

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