Dwyane Wade Says Chicago Bulls Are Not Loyal, Forgets To Look in the Mirror

Jeff HicksCorrespondent IMay 27, 2010

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Aren't we all taught to think before we speak? Does that not apply to star athletes?

Well, it should.

With Dwayne Wade set to hit free agency in a little over a month, the prince of Chicago willingly relinquished his crown by saying he questions how loyal of a franchise the Chicago Bulls is to it's former stars. Wade mentioned how former stars like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen have been vacant from the halls of the United and Berto centers because of a lack of respect for them.

Before I verbally smack Mr. Wade, let us not forget that he grew up during the 1990's Bulls teams that owned the NBA landscape, and were ultimately split up after the 1998 season. Watching your favorite team get sent packing in multiple directions cannot be easy for anyone, but it is no reason to bash your hometown team. I grew up watching the same teams, and you won't see me chastising what happened after the '98 season.

The Bulls sent Jordan, Pippen, and then head coach Phil Jackson out the door because of money and personal issues. That seems to be the be-all, end-all of that discussion; what most refuse to pay attention to is what Bulls owner Jerry Krause did after the break up.

Two former Bulls—Pete Myers and Randy Brown—have coaching jobs with...the Bulls. Moot point, but an act of kindness from upper management.

Krause basically gave Pippen money to return at the end of his career and do nothing of value. Why? The Prez knew what Pippen did for Chicago and wanted to send him out respectfully. Oh yeah, don't forget about the analyst gig he had and bombed at.

Have we forgotten during this time of free agency hysteria how much money Michael Jordan made while with Chicago (don't forget about the one year, $25+ million deal he had)?

Phil Jackson was hired after the questionable firing of Doug Collins. Krause liked what Jackson offered for the team long term. How many times was Jackson given the opportunity to coach before coming to Chicago?

Must be tough to be loved and treated well.

Back to this "loyalty" issue Wade has brought up. If you are so loyal Mr. Wade, how come you did not resign for a similar three year extension Kobe Bryant signed this year? How come you are a free agent instead of coming back to the team you allegedly love playing for? Why talk so highly of Chicago no less than a month ago, and then retract so quickly with this statement?

Dwayne Wade needs to sit down, shut up, and question his own loyalty before he even dares to question a team willing to give him all of the money and years he desires.