NBA Playoffs 2010: Where Has The Competiveness Gone??

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NBA Playoffs 2010: Where Has The Competiveness Gone??
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Coming into this postseason i thought this would be one of the best postseasons in a while boy was i wrong.

In total there has been four sweeps and probably will jump to six after the conference finals are over.

All in all its just that two teams have proved to be head and shoulders above others and they will ultimately meet those teams being, Los Angeles and Boston.

They are making the teams they are playing look like they are JV teams. The intensity and competitiveness these teams display is just off the charts.

Boston is rolling with the emergence of Rajon Rondo, and a return to the teams defensive nastiness.

LA is playing well but they don't seem as whole as a team as Boston. They still rely heavily on Kobe and Gasol.

Should they meet which is about 90% guaranteed we know Boston has at least one clear advantage Rajaon Rondo. How LA will defend him will be interesting. I'm expecting them to put Kobe on him and go with the matador defense play off of him and entice him to shoot jumpers.

Another interesting match up will be Garnett vs Gasol. Gasol is rolling offensively and defensively. Garnett hasn't been to bad himself he has been seemingly invigorated since the playoffs have started. With that being sad advantage.... Gasol!

The other matchups Kobe vs ray, Perk vs Bynum and Artest vs pierce are pretty much washes but i still give the edge to Kobe because hes Kobe.

Come finals time i expect a dandy with the NBA's premiere franchises set to battle again.

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