2010 NBA Mock Draft: The Morning After The Lottery

David GlazerCorrespondent IMay 19, 2010

SYRACUSE, NY - MARCH 27:  John Wall #11 of the Kentucky Wildcats drives for a shot attempt against Da'Sean Butler #1 and Joe Mazzulla #21 of the West Virginia Mountaineers during the east regional final of the 2010 NCAA men's basketball tournament at the Carrier Dome on March 27, 2010 in Syracuse, New York.  (Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images)
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The lottery is now completed and Washington has the first overall pick.

They are fortunate that there appears to be a legitimate future star in John Wall.  However, this draft is interesting because there are a lot of talented big men available. 

So, here is my mock draft, if I were the GM for each of these teams.


Washington selects John Wall  

Wall is the next version of Jason Kidd. You draft him and find players that fit him. 

He has great court vision and unique passing skills. He is fearless and willing to take the clutch shot. He can get to anyplace he wants on the court.

This is the no brainer pick of the draft.

Philadelphia selects Evan Turner  

The 76ers have decent size in Maurice Speights, Elton Brand and Sam Dalembert. What they need is a ball moving guard. 

Turner is 6'7", but has the passing skills and vision of a point guard. 

Turner is a great team player who will dramatically improve this team.


New Jersey selects Derrick Favors  

The Nets have a rising young center in Brook Lopez and a quality point guard in Devin Harris.

They even have solid guards in Courtney Lee and Terrence Williams. Their biggest problem is that they had no talent down low aside from Brook Lopez.

So, they were constantly getting beat on the boards and were awful at defending opposing power forwards. 

Favors solves that problem immediately. He defends and rebounds and he has a nice touch around the basket as well.

His biggest problem in college was that the Georgia Tech guards could not make clean entry passes. 


Minnesota selects Wesley Johnson  

The Timberwolves have a nice group of big men, but they lack shooters and scorers from the wing.

Johnson is the beginning of the solution to that problem.

Johnson is a diverse scorer who will be an excellent fit next to Al Jefferson and Kevin Love.

Sacramento selects DeMarcus Cousins

The Kings have Tyreke Evans and Omri Casspi to score from the perimeter. What they really need is a low post scorer who can keep up with Evans.

Cousins excelled with John Wall and he should excel with Evans.

Cousins is very polished on offense and should be able to score 15 points per game immediately.


Golden State selects Greg Monroe

The Warriors have scorers galore from the perimeter. What they lack is a versatile big man who can play their style.

Monroe is the most skilled high post big man in the draft. He is an excellent passer and can also rebound and block shots. 

Monroe would excel in the Don Nelson system.


Detroit selects Cole Aldrich

Aldrich is a quality shot blocker and low post center. He is not a great rebounder, but he gets what comes to him.

The best Pistons big man is an over the hill Ben Wallace. 

A true center like Aldrich speeds up their rebuilding process.


The Clippers select Al-Farouq Aminu

Aminu is an athletic forward who projects to be a small forward in the NBA with the ability to play some power forward in spots.

The Clippers have a center in Chris Kaman, a power forward in Blake Griffin, a shooting guard in Eric Gordan and a point guard in Baron Davis. 

They need a quality small forward. Aminu is their best bet to fill that role.

Utah selects Ekpe Udoh  

Udoh reminds me of a young Marcus Camby. Play him next to a wide body like Paul Millsap and Udoh will excel as a shot blocker and rebounder.

The Jazz keep losing to the Lakers because they lacked a big man who could defend the paint.

Udoh immediately changes that equation.


Indiana selects Avery Bradley

Bradley is a lightning quick guard who can break down defenses and pass to open shooters.

The Pacers are loaded with players who can shoot, but lack a point guard the team can trust.

Bradley is their best option for that point guard.


New Orleans selects Gordon Hayward  

The Hornets are loaded at point guard and have an all-star power forward in David West. 

They need a small forward and Hayward is the best SF on the board at this pick. 

He is athletic and handles the ball well. He is solid on defense and has good mechanics on his jump shot.

He should thrive scoring off of Chris Paul passes.

Memphis selects Ed Davis

Memphis is solid at every position except point guard, but there is no point guard worthy of this pick. So, the Grizzlies go for the best player available and draft Zach Randolph's replacement. 

Davis can rebound and score in the paint. However, he has no wow factor in his game. He should be a solid power forward in the NBA.


Toronto selects Daniel Orton

The Raptors have been trying to find a center since the team started. So, they reach for potential in Orton.

Orton has size and athleticism, but no one really knows if he can play major minutes. However, with the possibility of Chris Bosh leaving, the Raptors need to gamble on a such a player.


Houston selects Hassan Whiteside  

Whiteside is a shot blocking big man who would be a nice fit next to either Luis Scola or Yao Ming.

Whiteside is thin, but the Rockets are a team that can afford to take the time to develop him.


Milwaukee selects Xavier Henry  

Henry is a pure shooter and the Bucks need one now that Michael Redd is no longer physically able to play.


Minnesota selects James Anderson  

Anderson is a scorer.

After getting Wes Johnson, the Timberwolves try to shore up the shooting guard position.


Chicago selects Luke Babbitt  

Babbitt can score and is the best player on the board.

With Deng on the roster, the Bulls can afford the time to develop Babbitt.


Miami selects Solomon Alabi

Alabi is a true center who can block shots. He needs to improve his strength, but he is the best center available.

The Heat need size and Alabi provides it.


Boston selects Damion Jones  

With Paul Pierce and Ray Allen aging, the Celtics need a young strong wing player to groom. Jones is a good overall player who would fit the Celtics system nicely.


San Antonio selects Paul George  

George is an athletic small forward that can shoot. The Spurs need a replacement for Richard Jefferson who does not fit the Spurs system.

George can shoot and has a year to learn before Jefferson's contract is up.


Oklahoma City selects Patrick Patterson  

Patterson is strong and tough with a polished offensive game.

The Thunder had trouble with the Lakers size and Patterson gives them a physical player at the power forward position.

Portland selects Quincy Poindexter  

Portland needs another wing who can run and score. The local product Poindexter is most suited to fit their needs.


Minnesota selects Donatas Motiejunas  

This is a spot where a team like the Knicks could target a chance to buy a pick.  However, Motiejunas is considered a quality athletic 7'0" big man from Lithuania. 

The Timberwolves could draft him and let him develop for another year or two in Europe and save the money from this pick.


Atlanta selects Eric Bledsoe  

Mike Bibby is on the downside of his career and Bledsoe is very athletic. He needs experience running a team, but has all the requisite ability to do so.


Memphis selects Willie Warren

With Bledsoe and Poindexter gone, Warren makes the most sense here.

Warren is a nice combo guard who can back up both Conley and Mayo.


Oklahoma City selects Larry Sanders

Sanders is a long athletic power forward who can rebound and block shots. The Thunder can groom him to replace Nick Collison.

Once again, this is another spot where the Knicks might look to purchase a pick.


New Jersey selects Jordan Crawford

The player famous for dunking on LeBron can really shoot.

The Nets second biggest weakness was a lack of outside shooters.

Crawford can earn minutes immediately on the Nets with his jump shot.


Memphis selects Kevin Seraphin  

The product from France has good size at 6'10" and 258 lbs and Memphis can let him play in Europe for a year or two as well.

He is supposedly very athletic and a good shot blocker.

Once again, this is another spot where the Knicks might look to purchase a pick.


Orlando selects Terrico White  

Actually, I would be surprised if Orlando keeps this pick as they would likely be better served by selling it and using that money toward the mid-level exception.

However, White is very athletic and could be developed into a defensive stopper at shooting guard.


Washington selects Stanley Robinson

The Wizards begin and end the first round with two of the most athletic players in college. 

Robinson projects to be an athletic defensive stopper who can finish on the break. His shot is inconsistent, but with Wall, Gilbert Arenas and Andray Blatche on the roster, a defense first small forward makes sense.

I strongly suspect that the Knicks will try and buy a late first round pick like they did last year to acquire Toney Douglas. 

If they do, I anticipate that they would draft Jerome Jordan .

Jordan is a true 7'0" center with a lot of upside, but little refinement to his game.

He has only been playing basketball since he was 17 and it shows. The biggest knock on him is lack of lower body strength and proper positioning.

He would be the best center not drafted in the first round and has a good chance to develop into a rotation level player within three years.


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