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Teams are hoping to be as lucky as Portland was in 2007. May their spirits be crushed.

A good way to realize how lame it is to be excited over the draft lottery is to explain it to your lady friend.

ME: I can't go. I have to be home to watch the draft lottery.

LF: What is that?

ME: Where they announce the order of the draft.

LF: Oh. So they pick the players?

ME: No, that's next month. This is where they announce the order that the teams will pick.

LF: So all the teams are waiting to see what order they get to pick in?

ME: Well, the order is mostly set. This is just to see what teams get the earliest picks.

LF: So you need to see when the Blazers will pick?

ME: No, that's already set.

ME: I have to be home.

Aaaaand scene. I'm still excited. No matter lameness. No matter that Portland isn't in the lottery. I'll be hanging with the lovable losers LIVE over at TWolves Blog . Bring your best joke for when the Timberwolves end up with the number five pick.

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