Here Comes The Suns... Kobe, It's Alright...

Angie MeyerContributor IIMay 17, 2010
A basketball great by the name of Irving "Magic" Johnson once said, "Ask not what your teammates can do for you, but what you can do for your teammates." Perhaps this was a pre-curser to the Kobe Bryant era?
Kobe Bryant, arguably the best player to hold a basketball since Michael Jordan. He's the 2008 NBA MVP, whose lead his team to four National Championships, and he's poised and ready to take the Lakers back to the winner circle. That is, unless, Steve Nash and the Phoenix Suns have anything to say about it.
Phoenix Suns, richochet into series only three losses behind the Lakers total season win-loss record. The Suns have arguably the best defense in the league, and with playmakers Amar'e Stoudemire and Twinnie, Robin Lopez (his identical brother Brook plays for New Jersey Nets) handling the ball, the Suns are making a capricious case for progression.
We're going to come right out and say it. Actually, we'll let Magic say it... the only way the Lakers have a kismet, is if the entire team steps up to the ball, and plays hoops. It can't be the Kobe Bryant show. Not this time. Thus far in the playoffs, Kobe has averaged 26.9 points per game. With Kobe's hurt ankle, finger, and knee, it's absolutely imparative his teammates pick up the slack. Otherwise, it's going to be a long road for the Glam-Star Lakers to the finals.
Let's compare our marvalous match up, and see what we have in store... the series begins tonight, and we're sure the stars will be out, and purple glitter will fill the air. Shimmer...
Western Conference Playoff: Los Angeles Lakers vs. Phoenix Suns
Los Angeles Lakers - Defending NBA Champions
Los Angeles Lakers- First Place, West Coast Region
Colors: Purple, Gold, White
General Manager: Mitch Kupchak
Conference: Pacific Division, Western Conference
Last Game: Mon, May 10 @ Utah - WIN 111-96
Next Game: Mon, May 17 vs. Phoenix, 9:00 pm (est)
Series Record: (0-0) - First Game of Series
Season Record: 57-25
Coach: Phil Jackson
Notable Play-makers: (Center) Kobe Bryant, (Forward) Lamar Odom, (Center) Andrew Bynum, (Guard) Derek Fisher, (Forward/Center) Josh Powell, (Forward/Center) Pau Gasol
Founded: 1946
Championships: 16 Conference Titles: 30 Division Titles: 32
Their Home: Staples Center
Lakers Trivia: The Lakers were founded in Detroit Michigan, and their name "Lakers" comes from Michigan's land of 10,000 Lakes. The team relocated to Los Angeles in 1961.
Phoenix Suns
Phoenix Suns - 2nd place in Western Conference
Colors: Purple, Gray, Burnt Orange, White
General Manager: Steve Kerr
Conference: Western Conference, Pacific Division
Last Game: Sun, May 9th @ San Antonio - WIN 107-101
Next Game: Mon, May 17th @ LA Lakers
Series Record: (0-0) First Game of Series
Season Record: 54-28
Coach: Alvin Gentry
Notable Play-Makers: (Guard) Steve Nash, (Forward/Center) Amar'e Stoudemire, (Center) Robin Lopez, (Forward) Jared Dudley
Founded: 1968
Champions: 0 Conference Titles: 2 Division Titles: 6
Their Home: US Airways Center - known for it's purple seats!
Suns Trivia: The Suns were the first major sports franchise in Arizona. They would be the ONLY major sports franchise for 20 years, until 1988, when the Cardinals (NFL) team relocated from St. Louis.
Enjoy the game, and know your teams, and know your players. Because for sports fans, this series is the prelude to the finals... i.e. it's the equivalent to them as opening night of Sex and the City 2 is for us.
Stay Gorgeous,