Another Mans Opinion: Is the NBA becoming pro wrestling?

Jonathan MaurerCorrespondent IIMay 14, 2010

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My Father Ronald Maurer Sr. has an opinion on basketball. An opinion with which I'm sure that just about all of you disagree . My father is a very smart person, with a lot of opinions. But this opinion I don't really agree with. So I asked him to pretty much write out his opinion, he did and now I can share it with all of you.  

"I've never been a really big fan of the NBA or of basketball for that matter. Probably too many bad memories of being picked last, if at all, in schoolyard pick up games. Yet my lack of athleticism didn't stop me from having an interest in football or baseball. Any interest that I developed in basketball was sort of a contagion from my 3 older sons' interest. I liked watching the Celtics and Lakers going at it during the Magic and Byrd era. I can say from actual observation that Michael Jordan was one of the greatest if not the greatest player ever. Yet he played a part in my disillusionment with the NBA.

My disillusionment is the result of bad and probably dishonest officiating. The referees clearly favored and protected Michael Jordan. In one instance that I recall. his team mate Scottie Pippin accidentally tripped him and the ref called a foul on the nearest opposing team player and sent Michael to the line for 2 free throws. The refs routinely let Michael pick up his dribble at the top of the key and carry it to the basket. I'm not saying the refs made Michael Jordan a star. Michael did that on his own. I'm saying the NBA refs favor and promote the star players. The promotion aspect of it is league sanctioned. The refs will also fix games to lengthen a series. A 4 game sweep is bad for future television revenues. The networks may pay a set amount to carry a playoff series regardless of the number of games, but the NBA still has incentive to provide value for the money. Also its important to have big market teams in the finals. Few people in the NBA of TV networks would like a Cleveland v Oklahoma Final.Thusly 2 small market teams rarely make it to the NBA championship series. With billions of dollars on the line the NBA has a solid incentive to leave as little to chance as possible. I believe that they do leave as little to chance as possible.

People do not always act in their own interests. But my life experience says they act according to their own desires. Some perhaps most in the NBA love the sport and desire fair play and the display of great athletic talent. Many others simply want to win at any cost. Still others have an overwhelming desire to be rich. These latter are the ones that corrupt the game and spoil my interest".

That is written by Ronald Maurer Sr. 

I do not think that the NBA is completely fixed. I think that refs are just imperfect and make dumb calls. Now the superstars do get some bogus calls, but I think you have to give credit to the superstars for being physical and forcing the refs to make the calls. 

I know some of you have probably stopped reading or probably are not very happy after reading this. Once again I will say that this another mans opinion, not mine. I do not agree with my fathers opinion but I respect it and I would ask you (reader) to respect it as well.  

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