Who Stole Lebron's Jersey Last Night?

Frankie AnetzbergerContributor IIMay 12, 2010

Who was that in the #23 Cavaliers jersey last night? We'll have to have the NBA look into this a little more closely. Couldn't have been Lebron, right? Only 15 points in the Cavaliers most crucial game of the season? Nah, that couldn't have been the King.

I'm getting tired of analysts already jumping to this Summer's free agency. Saying Lebron is going to stay because he now owes the city of Cleveland because of one despicable performance. Or, now he definitely needs to leave because his supporting cast just isn't good enough. Can we seriously just focus on this playoff series?
As far as what the Cavaliers need to do, in my mind, is it needs to spend the majority of the day in the film room watching Game 1, Game 3 and last night's game.
Why? Game 1 they were able to dominate the Celtics and Rondo was still able to have a terrific game. So they need to learn how to win while Rondo still dominates.
Game 3 the Cavaliers were able to completely dictate the pace of the game but more importantly, they were able to do it in Boston. The Cavaliers starting five dominated in Game 3 and the Celtics big three had a relatively poor performance.
I believe that the Cavaliers' bench is going to need a big game in Boston on Thursday to reassure to the starters that their minds are in the right place. More importantly, the Cavaliers need to watch Tuesday night's game and watch it possession-by-possession. I've never seen Lebron play like he did last night. I wouldn't even say Lebron had a bad game because there are going to be nights where star players aren't on. Unfortunately, Lebron chose to have one of those games in a vital playoff game.
I thought Lebron just simply played despicably. He wasn't attacking and was relying on jump shots that weren't going in. You could tell he was off and it was sad to see him camping out beyond the arc waiting to pull up. The momentum could have easily shifted if Lebron tried to attack.
I've tried to envision what Game Six will be like and I have narrowed it down to two possibilities. It is either going to be reminiscent of Tuesday night's game, or it's going to be a very competitive, high intensity game.
I don't believe that the Celtics are going to let the series head back to Cleveland, but I also believe Lebron is out to prove everybody wrong in Game 5. Hopefully, Lebron explodes and the Cavaliers live to play another game at home.