2010 NBA Draft: The Nets Have Three Draft Picks, Who Should Be Chosen

DeAnte MitchellCorrespondent IApril 12, 2017

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

I can hear Stern now: With the first pick in the 2010 NBA Draft, the New Jersey Nets select, John Wall from the University of Kentucky.

Similar to the NFL Draft, we all have a feeling about whom is going to be selected with the first pick, and we all know the impact that Kentucky and the Big 12 is going to have in the first round.

But just like that when the draft day is over, the New Jersey Nets will walk away a much better team.

They are already said to be a team, that record did not match their roster. They have the two All-Star type players and a very good young player in Terrence Williams.

The one thing the lack the most is leadership.

With that said, everybody is expecting the New Jersey Nets to select John Wall No. 1 overall and so am I.

I believe John Wall can step right in and lead this team, IF he can adapt to the NBA game quicker than other rookies.

But we already know how much potential John Wall has and what he can do for this team, what about the Nets other draft pick?

The Nets also have the 27th pick in the draft and should be thinking these five guys.


Gani Lawal: (This is who I would pick)

There is only one superstar in the Nets frontcourt and his name is Brook Lopez. The four position is very weak with Yi Jialian, so this would be a good way to add more strength to the frontcourt.

Lawal is a 6’9’’ forward with the wingspan of 7’0’’. That complements well for the four position since he is undersized. He doesn’t get slowed down by fatigue, and he plays hard the whole time he is in the game.

Lawal displays nice footwork in the post, and likes to overpower defenders with his strength. This is a total upgrade to a much weaker frontcourt.


Willie Warren

With John Wall, you will never know what you will get. Maybe he will turn out to be another Sebastian Telfair, or maybe he will be what everybody expects.

All I know is that with Willie Warren you are adding another hot three-point shooter that can play a little point and shooting guard.

He can come in and help Wall at the point guard position or fall back to the two position and provide assistance on the wing. Willie Warren to be selected in the late first early second is a huge steal for any team.


Stanley Robinson

A player very similar to Robinson was just selected last year—he goes by Terrence Williams. Both are players with a lot of athleticism an all-around threat, just plain and simple a basketball player.

Why not keeping loading the roster with all-around talent?

Robinson can play a little three and four, so he could help out in the low block as well as on the wing. He is a proven leader, hard worker, and has a lot of potential.

Now those is the three the Nets should have their eyes on at No. 27, now on to the 31st pick.


Jarvis Varnado

A very athletic shot blocker that can spark the post. Something like the Birdman is to Denver. He's an off the bench defensive threat, that down the road, can be looked at as a draft steal.


Craig Brackins

If you call guards that can play both positions “combo-guards,” then Brackins is just that. He has a feel for the game offensively. He is listed at 6’10’’, and possesses a jump shot that is better than some guards.

He has a great wingspan, but the only thing that worries me about Brackins is he physically ready for the NBA. He is much smaller than most forwards, and he is not athletic enough to be a full-time starter at the SF position.


Mikhail Torrance: (This is who I would pick)

If the Nets attack the frontcourt with the No. 27 pick at No. 31, they should be thinking guard. Mikhail Torrance would certainly fit the description.

Many think that after John Wall, the point guards are not worthy of a first round pick, but as the draft days pass by, I can tell you Torrance's stock is rising.

He is a combo-guard that has shown he can manage a team. He is 6’5’’ and what I like to call even handed. He shoots with his right and uses everything else for his left—weird, I know.  

When you think Torrance, think Shaun Livingston. Before that injury he could have been a huge NBA commodity. Mikhail Torrance will definitely be a steal.