Step Up Or Get Out: It's Time For Atlanta To Prove Themselves In Game 3

Dylan MartinContributor IIIMay 8, 2010

ORLANDO, FL - MAY 06:  Mike Bibby#10 of the Atlanta Hawks walks off the floor after being defeated by the Orlando Magic in Game Two of the Eastern Conference Semifinals during the 2010 NBA Playoffs at Amway Arena on May 6, 2010 in Orlando, Florida. The Magic defeated the Hawks 112-98. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and/or using this Photograph, user is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
Doug Benc/Getty Images

On January 29th, 2010 the Hawks swept the Celtics in the four game regular season series. At the time, the Hawks seemed to be proving something, what was that something? It was that they were an elite team and could tangle with anyone. Even I was guilty of saying that the Hawks were now an elite team in the NBA. Man, was I wrong on that one!!

What the Hawks did this season was impressive; they had 53 wins, went 1-1 vs the Lakers, and swept the Celtics. That being said, the Hawks also continued to do something that Hawks fans fear and hate; they continued to lose on the road. They are a terrible road team, going 1-3 vs the Heat, and could never hang with the Magic.

The Hawks continued their "painful to watch" road woes into the playoffs by nearly getting knocked out of the playoffs by the Bucks. The Hawks did blast the Bucks in games 6 and 7 which was impressive but, so far in the second round they are playing once more like an 8th seed (if that good.)

Tonight, the Hawks need to stop and hammer the Magic to get Phillips Arena pumping, and get the heart and inspiration back into the team. I will not give a blue print on how to beat the Magic, countless sites have already given that including a few NBA teams (cough cough Cavs cough cough).

While the Hawks have been playing as the ultimate bipolar team by either playing better than anyone or playing like a graveyard team, they can still win or at least give the Magic a good 7 series fight by stepping up and winning games 3 and 4. And heck, Atlanta why not try to steal game 5 while y'all are at it?