NBA Fantasy Draft: If I had the Number 1 Pick...

TJ ZwarychSenior Writer IJuly 8, 2008

 often ask people this question andI find it quite interesting. If you could take one player, andbuild a team around him, who would it be? Most people answer Chris Paul, Lebron James or Kobe Bryant. All are very good answers. Let's see who would be the best choice.

The most reoccurring answer is Lebron James. As we all know, LBJ is a young superstar who is the face of the NBA. This past season has arguably been Lebron's best of his career. He averaged career highs in assists (7.2), rebounds (7.9) and blocks with 1.1. His best year for points was two years ago when he averaged 31.4. This season he averaged 30. Lebron is a five year pro and is only 23 He would be a fantastic pick and is the most talented player since Michael Jordan. But if I had the first pick, I would not choose Lebron James.

The second most common answer was Chris Paul. He is a fantastic emerging point guard who some say will rival Stockton and Magic to be the best point guard ever once his career is finished. The 23 year old point guard is in his third year in the league and with the Hornets and has a bright future. He had his best year in the league this year as he lead the league in assists with 11.6 and steals with 2.7. He also threw in 21.1 points a game for good measure while finishing 2nd in MVP voting. Chris Paul would clearly be a good choice for a player to build your team around. However I wouldn't pick him either.

The third player who's name I commonly hear is none other then the MVP Kobe Bryant. Kobe has had the best career out of all of these players. He is one of the best ever and isn't even thirty! Kobe averages 25 points for his career and has had 3 seasons averaging over thirty. He has a whole crap load of championships under his belt and is year in and year out one of the best defenders and overall players in the league. Despite all this, I wouldn't choose him either.

Now your probably thinking, well who on earth could it be? Or, why do I care and am still reading this? Well, I would choose all-star center Dwight Howard. D12 has averaged a double double in all of the first 4 years of his career andkeeps on improving. Every year he improves around 2.5 points a game and 2 rebounds a game while this year peaking at 20.7 points and 14.2 rebounds a game. He was also a fantastic defender while contributing 2.2 blocks and 0.9 steals a game for the Magic last season. (Career highs in both) If I needed a player for one season I would probably pick Kobe, but since I would be trying to create a dynasty, I would wan't a younger player. (Howard only 23) I would also choose a big man because let's face it, all good dynasties had good big men. The Spurs had Duncan and Robinson, the Lakers had Shaq, Chamberlin and Abdul-Jabar, the Celtics had McHale and Parrish. You get my point?

So despite what other people say, I would choose Dwight Howard if I could pick any one player to build a team around. Good thinking Orlando.