Monday Morning Sports Headline Winner: Fox Sports

JoeSportsFanSenior Analyst IMarch 8, 2010

Much like the sports media industry, the machine that is Hollywood is no stranger to the use of snappy lines to get the reader’s attention.  And in case you hadn’t heard, the movie industry’s Super Bowl took place last night, with the small film “The Hurt Locker” beating out James Cameron’s mammoth Dances with Wolves ripoff, “Avatar” for Best Picture. 

When a movie with such a pun-friendly name runs off with the big award, it becomes prime territory for headline savants like the New York Post to go to work.  Which, to the surprise of no one, they did…


But this site isn’t, we focus on the sports world here (well, sort of).  And we’ll put sports headlines up against Hollywood, politics, tech sites, whoever wants a piece of the action.  One reason is because of the crossover appeal.  You will rarely see a movie site dropping sports references in their puns, but sports isn’t afraid to dip into movieland for material. 

While the font size may be unusually small for a winner of the Monday Morning Sports Headline Challenge, we applaud for having the foresight to create a can’t miss formula:

The name of one of the 37 movies nominated for Best Picture + a photo that suits it (even if said photo shows a potentially life threatening situation) = Monday Morning’s award winning headline. 


For that reason, even though they put their chips on a movie that didn’t take home any significant awards, we still give FoxSports credit for finding some way to work the Oscars into a sports story that had literally nothing to do with them.

(And don’t you dare tell us that the headline writers didn’t know exactly what they were doing.  That’s insulting to their craft.)

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