With the Right Moves Orlando Could Be in the Eastern Conference Finals in 2009

Justin MorganCorrespondent IJune 26, 2008

The NBA Draft is tonight, and I can't wait to see what the Magic do. Most of the talk I'm hearing is that they are going to go with a big man.

I, however, disagree with this move. My personal choice would be to go for a SG. I know they are thin in the front court, but we will address that later.

With the 22nd pick in the 2008 Draft the Orlando Magic select Courtney Lee, Shooting Guard from Western Kentucky University.

Either before or shortly after this pick, I would trade J.J. Reddick and Keyon Dooling or James Augustine for a draft pick.

I don't think they could get further up the draft with that but maybe get the 24th or 25th pick from the Sonics or Rockets.

J.J. Reddick desperately needs out of Orlando and to a team where he would fit and be more effective. He just doesn't work in Orlando.

I believe James Augustine could be a decent ball player. The Magic just can't get him enough playing time.

If the Magic could shop these two for the 24th or 25th pick to pick up Marreese Speights from Florida, a skilled big man that could share time with Tony Battie and take over for him when he gets hurt.

Whatever the Magic do though, I believe that next year could be a run to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Jameer Nelson showed some promise in the playoffs that he can be a decent PG that they can rely on.

Hedo Turkoglu had a great season last year and a M.I.P. award to prove it. Hopefully, he will keep it going next year and maybe improve on his defensive game.

Rashard Lewis should now realize that if he plays the way should be playing, that the Magic will be a lot better. He's getting big money, now he needs to produce big numbers.

This team is built around Dwight Howard, and Orlando isn't going to make the same mistake that they mad with Shaq. He will be in Orlando for a long time.

If he stays focused and the rest of the team produces like they should, Howard should be a top three candidate for the MVP. He is still getting better and that is scary. 

I'm not sure that they have the defense or the depth to make a serious run at the Finals this year, but they could make a run to the Eastern Conference finals if they make the right moves.