Enough Is Enough: It's Time for Change, WWE!

Quinn GammonCorrespondent IDecember 10, 2009

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Warning: Controlled rant. There are significant points, albeit drawn out. Such is the point of a rant. If you can handle the word count, you will find amusement, entertainment and more than likely, a little frustration with my opinions.

Regardless, enjoy.


What's my problem with Mark Cuban?

What's so vital to the state of professional wrestling that I'm quoting Owen Hart's old theme music, which is also, unfortunately, one of the lousiest pieces of production music ever given to a Superstar?

What's the point?

My point of starting out my piece this way is that not only was Monday Night RAW poorly produced but it really hit home for me. It was kind of a glaring realization—one that I will probably ponder alone.

Many of you are probably either fans of TNA or, if you're loyal to WWE, don't care to watch them. Either way, no one on either side seems at ease to say that TNA is a credible threat. At least, not yet.

Hulk Hogan would like you to believe otherwise, and after watching the pitiful production put together on Monday Night, I'm almost believing him. But I repeat: WWE won't beat Hulk Hogan and TNA with performances like Monday's.

Let's run down what was wrong with the show:

Carlito's back! How ironic that a week or so after I write an article, highlighting Carlito for being MIA, he returns to WWE TV! 

Granted, Carlito has been known to be a bit lazy. And yes, he's not exactly a Main Event caliber performer. But anyone who's followed his career in WWE knows what he can do. At the very least, he would be an excellent upper midcard heel.

He should be in the hunt for the U.S. Championship or at least making it difficult for any midcard babyfaces to advance towards the strap.

Instead, he sat on his laurels after a failed feud with his brother and collected Chuck Palumbo "bench" checks for doing nothing. And then, when WWE decides to bring him back to TV, where does he end up? Jobbing to Cena like everyone else on the roster has done.

Carlito had a tiny bit of spark in the promo he used a week prior on John Cena. I enjoyed the intensity Cena brought, and Carlito struck a nerve with the crowd when he mentioned that everyone in the back was sick of him. But that night ended much like this week's RAW did for Carlito.

He was fed to Cena like tunafish.

So, let's destroy the non-existent credibility Carlito returned with and put him on the same level as his brother Primo. (Comment withheld)

And just before Carlito gets fed to Cena like tunafish, let's have Sheamus meekly retreat from the security force—a man who mercilessly powerbombs the career away from a pitbull like Jamie Noble can't possibly fight off or even inconvenience a team of hardened security professionals (tongue's planted firmly in cheek there).

Better scenario: Sheamus tears apart the security, further adding heat to his kind of unestablished "Celtic Warpath."

Cena loses to someone no one expects him to lose against. Sheamus gets over, Carlito gets a brief rub, and Cena looks like the proverbial babyface in mortal peril, which sets up his more than likely pay-per-view victory over the newbie.

I say better because that situation, along with dozens of others, all would have played out better than the way it was portrayed on Monday. But, enough about that little segment. It slightly redeemed itself later on. Next.

The Legacy versus Evan Bourne and Primo?

You're kidding me, right? Legacy has lost virtually all of their mojo that they gained from their impressive feud with DX. And once again, Creative has thrown together two babyfaces who have nothing going for them and made a makeshift tag team out of them. More often than not, this never works.

Such was the case on Monday night. Legacy beats a team that most people probably didn't take seriously in the first place. Legacy gets no momentum from the outing and Bourne and Primo go backwards, despite a good effort.

Perhaps this would be different if there were some more established tag teams for Legacy to defeat soundly. Next.

Gail Kim versus Maryse:

I know we want to push Maryse because she's coming back from a big injury and she's a "Main Event Diva", (is there such a thing?) but what did Gail Kim do to deserve the pitiful treatment she's received on WWE TV since her return?

Another sign of a failing and unnecessarily divided Diva's division and a lack of good faces on television. I wonder if Gail was wishing she'd kept her smaller paycheck but Main Event status back in TNA. Next.

DX Segment with Hornswoggle:

All I can say is something that's been stated already: The fact that DX is openly mocking the writers on TV just for a comedy spot is not a good thing. Take it as a sign, Creative. Get your asses into gear! Next.

Kofi Kingston versus Randy Orton

A good match, although not their best. This feud definitely has more life than its getting credit for and both men have been shining. Unfortunately, Orton will probably go over at TLC because WWE probably feels its done enough to elevate Kofi.

And this is where one of my issues with Mark Cuban took over. I get the issue with Orton from six years ago , but it was grasping a bit at straws.

Cuban's five-year-old attitude was more annoying than it was cheer-worthy, and Kofi getting a cheap win with the fastest count in history does not grant the feud much more mojo.

Orton does need to win so that it's not a one-sided feud, so I haven't forgotten that side of the equation.

We'll see what happens with these two studs at TLC. Next.

The overall show: I can't stress it enough, the content I was fed on Monday was pitiful and I'm being that critical because it's realistic. I'm not a fairweather fan like most of the WWE Universe and I'm not satisfied by mediocre content.

The guest host concept is ridiculous and it needs to go, like now. WWE will not beat TNA with their flagship show if its being run by idiots like Mark Cuban. I don't care how much they say TNA doesn't worry them.

Hulk Hogan isn't stupid and he's going to take advantage of every single half-ass move the WWE makes.

All in all, the only thing Monday Night RAW managed to do on Monday was put the hurting on a middle-aged basketball coach.

Sheamus looks no tougher, Cena is still cutting the same bland Superman promos and face it, The DX and Hornswoggle bits aren't making them look like any kind of threat to Jeri-Show (sorry, DX fans).

Case in point: If WWE thinks TNA is enough of a threat to match them hour for hour on January 4th, then why doesn't the Creative team bother to put on a decent program?

WWE will not beat TNA with content like that. Creative team, get your asses into gear and give me programming I wouldn't mind paying to see.

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