A Boston Celtics Fan's Stream Of Consciousness

John McCloryAnalyst IJune 18, 2008

I can't believe it.

I've never seen a shellacking like that in a clincher.

I've never seen a more non-threatening Lakers team.

I thoroughly enjoyed nearly every Celtic rising to the occasion and taking what is theirs.

I was stunned by Kobe doing his best impression of David Copperfield's disappearing act.

I loved the crowds energy at TD Banknorth Garden, especially in comparison to the sounds of silence at Staples Center.

I can't believe Paul Pierce found a new gear after so many years of running on empty.

I thought Doc Rivers should've been fired after last season.

I was dead wrong about Doc Rivers.

I didn't think Danny Ainge could turn this team around last season.

I was dead wrong about Danny Ainge.

I'm thankful for Wyc Grousbeck who completely rejuvenated the franchise.

I'm grateful for loyal Celtics fans who endured a 22-year drought only to experience total redemption.

I'm still unsure of bandwagon Celtic fans who didn't pay their 22-year dues.

I loved seeing three title-hungry all-stars finally "knock the bully on his ass," as Kevin Garnett so perfectly articulated.

I consider Garnett and Pierce to be the two most relentless warriors we've seen on the same team in NBA history.

I am officially placing Ray Allen atop the "Best 3-point shooter ever" list and bumping Reggie Miller to #2.

I think Garnett had the most inspirational and emotional moment during his post-game interview in NBA Finals history.

I still have zero faith in NBA officials.

I find it perplexing that the Lakers and their fans think a rusty and inexperienced Andrew Bynum will be the difference next season.

I'm still not sure why the media bothered to interview a bitter Kobe Bryant and smug Phil Jackson.

I don't think ABC should renew Mark Jackson's announcing contract.

I definitely think ABC should renew Jeff Van Gundy's announcing contract.

I hope the bandwagon L.A. fans retire the trendy Laker flags that sit atop their gas-guzzling SUVs.

I know there are still major issues and animosity between Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant.

I expect at least one off-season trade demand, tirade, or jab shot from Kobe directed at his team or coach.

I think the Lakers disputed every call that didn't go their way in the series and cried more than Adam Morrison.

I was surprised to see Phil Jackson make almost no adjustments throughout the course of the series.

I think we know which team had the better supporting cast in the end, despite pre-Finals thoughts to the contrary.

I don't know that the Celtics have a repeat in them but the team hasn't been in better hands since 1986.

I know Celtics fans are partying like it's 1986.

I will always remember the numbers 131 and 92.

I will never forget the number 17, as in banner 17 and June 17.

I expect the number 34 to be retired and always be remembered.

I think Boston fans have officially reached "spoiled" status with this championship while the rest of the sport's world has reached "envious" status.

I can't wait for yet another victory parade in the bustling streets of Boston.

I think we all now know what happens when a wildly aggressive team goes toe-to-toe with a finesse team.

I assume Laker fans are having 2004 Finals flashbacks and 2008 Finals nightmares.

I can't wait to read the morning after "Green Party," "Sweet 17," and "Shamrocked!" headlines.

I will never know how Boston fans survived the Rick Pitino era.

I realize that Larry Bird never walked through the door.

I also realize that Bird never had to for the Celtics to win again.

I believe Celtic Pride has made a serious comeback.

I wish I could've been there to say I witnessed a memorable piece of Boston sports history.

I wish Red Auerbach could've sat courtside with Bill Russell and John Havlicek.

I wish all the past Celtic greats could've witnessed another storied chapter being added to the franchise.

I wish the Celtics a restful and joyous off-season.

I wish for a repeat in '09 and more momentous celebrations in the years to come.

I still can't believe it.