Michigan Football: The Other 90% - Teaching and Enhancing Success (part 2)

ErocWolverineSenior Writer IJune 3, 2008

Any goal is somewhat worthless unless there are precise and effective strategies put into place for achievement. This is where the motivation comes in as anyone can write a goal, but it takes work, intensity, and perseverance to achieve difficult goals.

Another process of success is to understand that human endeavors have clearly indicated universal truths concerning success. As part of the motivation process, coaches need to daily install such truths to increase expectations and set up a culture of success. One such truth is that loyalty and commitment are powerful forces to achieve success and the related goals. There will be times when a team’s back is against the wall. This is when times are the toughest and the outlook is the darkest. Some refer to such times as character building, but this goes beyond character. It becomes the focus and the mission around which the team revolves.

A second universal truth is there is no easy way. Hard work pays off and get used to working hard. If you are a player truly with the program, then another saying arrives: soon you will enjoy hard work, not avoid it. Sound familiar?

Third, intensity is needed, but calm intensity (poise) is better. There should be fire in the eyes and ice in the veins. The player should look quietly arrogant, in total control, and convince the opposition that the eyes resemble the famous assassin eyes of Larry Bird.

Finally, about 10 percent of the population in any human endeavor achieves about 90% of the notoriety and success. As a player you seek and desire to be in that mix.

Coaches can share another process of success daily, common traits of successful people. Players love to hear such stories that are motivational in nature, especially in those rare times when the story is told first person. The successful person starts with a vision and achieves the knowledge to define and carry out the vision to completion. This becomes what is termed a set of core values. The player will have the commitment, the work ethic, and the willingness to overcome adversity and achieve success. These core values are centered on high expectations that are obtainable and not influenced by outside opinion.

written by Doc4blu and ErocWolverine