Stephen Curry, Michelle Obama Discuss President Obama's Golf Game on 'Ellen'

Andrew GouldFeatured ColumnistSeptember 13, 2016

NBA MVP Stephen Curry joined first lady Michelle Obama on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote Drink Up, an initiative encouraging Americans to drink more water.

But first, they tackled hard-hitting questions about President Barack Obama's golf game.

Curry, who said he lost to his powerful golf partner, wouldn't reveal the commander in chief's handicap. However, he did share how the president would get under his skin with subtle trash-talking.

The first lady encouraged the Golden State Warriors guard to push back.

"The shadow from your ears is really messing up my putt," Obama offered as a possible dig.

Last week, LeBron James made a pit stop on DeGeneres' show and warned the host not to be fooled by Curry's smile. It seems she was swayed by his charm anyway.