Kings' Baby Race Takes Unexpected Turn When Racer Decides to Take a Nap

Kyle NewportFeatured ColumnistMarch 14, 2016

via @SacramentoKings

The Sacramento Kings' latest baby race looked like it was going to be a photo finish, but one contestant's lack of interest in racing ruined the heated competition.

At the same time, he provided an unexpectedly great twist.

Baby No. 1 and Baby No. 2 were locked in a tight battle for about half the race. After storming out to a lead, Baby No. 2 decided he had proved himself as the fastest baby in Sacramento and proceeded to take a victory nap—in the middle of the race.

It was a bold strategy, no doubt. Unfortunately for the King of Naps, it didn't pay off. Baby No. 1 didn't let her competitor's unusual game plan throw her off, as she went on to leave him in the dust and win the race.

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