Anthony Randolph Really Worth Carmelo Anthony?: Nets-Nuggets Trade Possibilities

Sean StancillSenior Writer IMay 21, 2008

Recently, The Nets-Nuggets have been involved in trade discussions regarding SF Carmelo Anthony and C Marcus Camby.
The preliminaries of the deal seem to look similar to this:
New Jersey Nets send
Marcus Williams/Devin Harris
Richard Jefferson
10th overall pick
Denver Nuggets send
Carmelo Anthony
Marcus Camby
Reportedly, if New Jersey would've gotten lucky in last night's draft lottery and gained the third pick, the deal would be a lock. Unfortuanetly, for them they slipped below their pre-determined position at the nine spot; into the 10th selection.
LSU F Anthony Randolph is perceived to be the tenth overall pick in the 2008 NBA Draft, according to many mocks spread around the NBA community. 
At 6-11 220, Randolph has been described as a younger Chris Bosh, as he uses his lanky frame to maneuver in the paint, block shots, and grab rebounds against stronger opponents.
He's extremely gifted and will be a All Star at the next level. The LSU standout averaged 15.6 PPG, 8.5 RPG, 2.3 BPG, and 1.1 SPG last season playing under John Brady.
However, his rail-thin body will leave him easily outmatched on the low post against the stronger forwards of the game.
Here are the benefits of the deal:
1. Denver frees up cap room with Marcus Camby and Carmelo Anthony departing. Anthony has four years remaining on his deal with $13,041,250 per season coming his way and Camby has two years and $20 million left on his.  Now for their aquisitions, Richard Jefferson is scheduled to make $36.6 million in the next three years and Williams only $1.82 million for one year, plus Anthony Randolph's contract.  
2. The Nuggets gain a veteran in Richard Jefferson, who will help spread the floor and will become their top scoring option. They also receive young talent in Randolph and Williams/Harris, which makes for a outstanding future to come. Can you imagine this lineup?
Marcus Williams/Devin Harris
Allen Iverson
Richard Jefferson
Anthony Randolph
3. New Jersey receives much needing scoring in Carmelo and their most imposing figure in the paint (Marcus Camby) since Kenyon Martin. The combo of Carmelo and Vince Carter sounds deadly and will give Eastern Conference teams plenty of trouble. New Jersey is almost guaranteed no lower than the fourth seed.
While the trade may seem wonderful at first thought, it actually maybe a nightmare; here's why:
1. If the Nuggets completed this trade, their would still be empty holes that would need to be addressed. With Marcus Camby going to New Jersey, there is no longer a defensive force in the paint, leaving the Nuggets even more vulnerable than last season.
The only way that can be addressed is through free agency or a trade.
Emeka Okafor is the only candidate seriously worth pursuing but if the Charlotte Bobcats makes the decision to match Denver's offer sheet (Emeka is a restricted free agent), then he remains with the Bobcats.
Elton Brand, and Jermaine O'Neal have the option to opt out as well, but may remain with their teams until their contract is up.
Paul Millsap, Kurt Thomas,  are the only other quality free agents but Jerry Sloan raves about Millsap's toughness and you have to wonder how much longer will Kurt Thomas play?
On the bright side, The Nuggets could always go after Kwame Brown, he's available. 
Even with Marcus Willaims coming over in the deal, I'm not exactly sold that the Nuggets now have a credible point guard. I was a fan of Marcus when he played for Connecticut and undoubteldy he has the tools; the ball control, size, patience, and court vision. 
But the question is after playing second fiddle to Jason Kidd in the 2006-07 season and Devin Harris last year, is he ready to take over the starting role and is he conditioned enough to be effective in George Karl's offense?
Some have Devin Harris taking the place of Williams in the trade. Devin is capable of being a major star in the future as well. Although the maturity issue is always attached when discussing Harris.  
Denver frees up cap room with Marcus Camby and Carmelo Anthony departing. Anthony has 4 years remaining on his deal with $13,041,250 per season coming his way and Camby has 2 years and $20 million left on his.  
Now for their aquisitions, Richard Jefferson is scheduled to make $36.6 million in the next 3 years and Williams only $1.82 million for one year, plus Anthony Randolph's contract.  
2. If New Jersey trades for Carmelo now, it almost certainly ends all hope for the LeBron campaign in 2010. Its kind of like the New Jersey Nets wanting to open their birthday presents prematurely before cutting the cake.
3. This trade borderlines on high risk, high reward territory. If A.R. proves not to be a hit in Denver, the Nuggets would have taken a bust. And what if Melo breaks out of his shell and becomes the superstar that he should be?
All eyes will be on owner Nuggets owner Stan Kroenke.
Time is also a key factor in the deal. Depending on when the deal is completed, pre-draft or on draft day, the outcomes could resemble this:
The Nuggets will either be content with Randolph, have the Nets choose the player they want, or draft a big man of their own.