UCLA Basketball: Alex Stephenson to the Bruins?

AndySenior Analyst IMay 16, 2008

A week or two ago, I had said that another high profile big might be transferring to UCLA.

Well, I was talking about Alex Stephenson, and my source from inside Morgan Center says there's a pretty damn good chance he’ll end up at UCLA, too.

Greg Hicks just put up an article on scout.com on Alex Stephenson. It’s currently not premium material (sometimes they switch it on me) so I’m only going to excerpt from the intro, which they do for free anyway:

Alex Stephenson, the 6-foot-9 sophomore post from North Carolina, is transferring and reportedly looking to be closer to home in Southern California. There are a number of reasons why he’d be a great addition to the Bruin program…

Again, I’m hearing he’s almost a lock for UCLA. I’ll talk to my source later today for an update on that.

Yeah, Howland obviously SUCKS at recruiting bigs. Or maybe he does and we should be thanking Kevin Love? Hmmmm...

UPDATE: The scout.com article says that Stephenson has an illness in his family. I had actually heard that from my source as well, but my source added that somehow this means Stephenson wouldn’t need to sit out a year…as in, there is some sort of special exception. Or at least I think that's what he said. Regardless, thoughts and prayers go out to Alex and his family, wherever he ends up.

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