Which NBA Teams Have Most 2014-15 National TV Games?

Which NBA Teams Have Most 2014-15 National TV Games?
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The NBA's schedule for the 2014-15 campaign is out, which means you can start penciling in dates on your calendar, evenings on which you won't want to be anywhere but in front of a television. 

And which teams will spend the most time on national broadcasts? 

Below, you can find the answer in visual form, where the size of the bubble in question represents the frequency with which that team will be appearing on screens nationally. As you progress to the right on the following graphic, you'll find the more successful teams from 2013-14, but note the size of the bubbles don't increase in corresponding fashion. 

Let's also take the win-loss factor out of the equation and glance solely at the raw data.

In the following chart, you can look at the distribution of nationally televised games for the entire league: 

As Matt Moore breaks down for CBS Sports, it's the Los Angeles Clippers and Oklahoma City Thunder with the most games on national TV, boasting 32 apiece. Then there are outliers, like the Los Angeles Lakers and Memphis Grizzlies, whose appearances on nationwide broadcasts don't really correlate with their success on the court. 

National TV Appearances
Team Number of Appearances
Atlanta Hawks 4
Boston Celtics 4
Brooklyn Nets 10
Charlotte Hornets 7
Chicago Bulls 30
Cleveland Cavaliers 29
Dallas Mavericks 18
Denver Nuggets 12
Detroit Pistons 3
Golden State Warriors 25
Team Number of Appearances
Houston Rockets 25
Indiana Pacers 8
Los Angeles Clippers 32
Los Angeles Lakers 28
Memphis Grizzlies 9
Miami Heat 20
Milwaukee Bucks 2
Minnesota Timberwolves 4
New Orleans Pelicans 10
New York Knicks 23
Team Number of Appearances
Oklahoma City Thunder 32
Orlando Magic 2
Philadelphia 76ers 2
Phoenix Suns 17
Portland Trail Blazers 23
Sacramento Kings 7
San Antonio Spurs 25
Toronto Raptors 9
Utah Jazz 3
Washington Wizards 15

What surprises you most? Who are you most excited to watch next season?